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Fernando Alonso Has Crashed At Indy 500 Practice



The #66 McLaren Racing Chevrolet has made contact with the turn 3 wall in Indianapolis today during the second practice for Fernando Alonso after recording 50 laps during the first practice session on Tuesday.
After making contact with the turn 3 wall the McLaren took off through the grass and made two more wall contacts before coming to rest in turn 4.
The Spainard has been checked and released from track and Indy Car medical staff after the incident.
“It was understeer on the car, and even if I lifted the throttle on the entry of the corner, it was not enough, and I lost completely the front aero,” said Alonso.
Alonso was asked if he felt anything that may have been broken on the car prior to the impact and his response was nothing was broken but the car just understeered and I wasn’t not expecting that from the #66.
McLaren Racing will not go to their back up but instead fix the damaged #66 for tomorrow’s session.