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Williams Formula One Seeking Compensation For Baku Drain Incident



The 2019 season has been one massive struggle for the Williams Formula One team and this past weekend just added to the chaos. A loose drain cover during the first practice season on Friday completely destroyed the underside of George Russell’s Williams. Event organizers for street courses always have a list of protocols in place when setting up venues and one main check on the list is welding or securing any manhole covers or drain covers.
Luckily during the practice session the 21-year-old rookie was not injured in the massive impact with the steel drain cover. The estimate of damage done to the Williams is said to be around a half million dollars and Williams may seek compensation from the Baku event organizer. Clair Williams the deputy principal says that a similar event took place in Sepang a few years ago to Haas and they were compensated.
This problem is just another problem to add to the British team this year with an uncompetitive car that is extremely off the pace. To add more insult to injury the tow truck that retrieved the Williams after the drain incident hit an overhanging bridge with its’ crane while returning the racecar to the garages. Dripping pneumatic fluid all over the white, blue and black racer.