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Michael Schumacher’s Lawyer “Michael Cannot Walk”



December 2013 was a sad time and scary time for Formula 1 and the entire racing community when news broke that the 7 time Formula 1 world champion was in skiing accident and was in critical care.
It has been some time and no updates from the Schumacher family on Michael’s recovery or his state. The recovery of Michael has been kept very private and speculations and false claims have been made from excessive weight loss to Michael still being in a coma still.
Strangely enough, last year a German magazine named Bunte said that Schumacher was reported as able to walk and sourced an unnamed friend of the family. Reports online say that the Schumacher family has taken Bunte to the higher courts, stating that Bunte reported this matter irresponsibly.
While in court, Schumacher’s lawyer stated that Michael is unable to walk or stand without assistance despite what Bunte has said in the past.