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Fernando Alonso from McLaren is the ‘Luckiest Man Alive’



Formula 1 started off the 2016 in Australia this past weekend and what a race the Aussie’s put on. The first race of the year and always highly anticipated but this year there was much more to presented. A new United States team entered the grid for the first time in 30 years. Haas F1, would they be able to compete? Yes, they actually surprised everyone in the world by finishing the race in 6th.
alonso Alonso4
Alonso and Haas F1 driver Esteban Gutierrez collided in Turn 3 of Lap 18. The Accident brought out a full course red flag. Fernando Alonso thanked McLaren and the FIA for the advancements in technology that Formula One has brought to these cars over the years. We haven’t seen an accident like this in years.
alonso6 alonso alonso5
Alonso was able to crawl out of the overturned McLaren but was clearly rattled. Gutierrez and Alonso embraced each other and checked in on each other after exiting their cars.
“I was flying, so you see the sky then the ground, then the sky, then the ground,” Alonso said.
source: youtube