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Watch Alonso Hit Two Birds During Indy 500 Test



The legend that is Fernando Alonso, the 2x Formula 1 World Champion has decided to opted out of the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix this year in hopes of capturing a win at his debut in the Indianapolis 500.
The Indycar entry will be pursued as a joint venture between Andretti Motorsports, McLaren and Honda. With the McLaren Honda Formula 1 season in shambles already before the Monaco Grand Prix it made sense for Alonso to give Indycar a try at one of the most attended racing events in the world.
From the looks of the first test the two-time champion is settling in pretty well and from the post testing interviews Fernando is happy already with the car as he has hit nearly 225mph in the corners and has taken out two birds at the same exact second while heading down a straight. See video below
Source:NBC Sports