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The Most Insane Overtake At The US Grand Prix



Sunday afternoon at the U.S. Grand Prix, saw Max Verstappen overtake his way to the podium after starting in 17th place only to demoted from 3rd to 4th with a 5 second time penalty after exceeding the race track limits during his overtake of Kimi Raikkonen.
After Verstappen’s amazing run from 17th to 3rd saw Max take to the green room after the race and park his car in the 3rd place spot after the race. The race stewards awarded Raikkonen the position back and Kimi met Max in the green room to remove his 3rd place finish and give it to the Scuderia Ferrari team.
Source:Sky Sports Source:Sky Sports
Max was given the 5 second penalty by the race stewards for “leaving the track and gaining an advantage”