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Lewis Hamilton Catches 3rd World Championship Title at COTA



As the United States Grand Prix has come and gone with some of the worst weather the F1 grid has seen all year long. The weekend closed with one of the best races we have seen also all year. The results sound like every other race in the last 2 years with Hamilton beating out Rosberg, but the reigning world champ was pressed hard from the early start which contributed to one of the most memorable USGP in a long time.
Nico Rosberg took pole position after the early morning qualifying session was cut short due to worsening weather conditions. Q2 times were used for grid place order for the race that was 6 hours after qualifying which is not normal in the world of Formula 1.
Red Bull, Ferrari and Rosberg all full court pressed Hamilton on his way to his race victory and in those events he wrapped up his 3rd World Championship!
AutoOverload sends a huge Congrats to the Hamilton and Mercedes crew!
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