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McLaren 720s Enters Production



McLaren has officially entered production of the recently debuted McLaren 720S supercar. The 720S is the replacement for the McLaren 650S which was based off the original MP4-12C supercar that McLaren first debuted in 2012 as they entered the supercar market.
The very first production 720S came off the line this week in Woking and the McLaren Automotive family couldn’t be more excited as they venture into another model and more success with their ever evolving supercar lineup.
The 720S is the second generation in the McLaren Super Series with a codename of P14. The 720S replaces the 650S which was produced from 2014 to present. The 650S was a mere facelifted and refined example of the original 12C. The 720S will sport an entirely new carbon monocell and you guessed it 720hp.
The McLaren 720S is lighter, faster and more detailed than its predecessor but still uses the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine.