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McLaren Confirms LT version of the 720S



McLaren Sports Series recently debuted the McLaren 720S which is the replacement for the 650S supercar. Most people have not even placed their eyes on one of the new 720S cars yet and everyone is already talking about the track variant LT series to come.
Just over a week ago McLaren Automotive put the 720S on display at the annual Geneva Motor Show and the internet went absolutely bonkers over the flashy volcano orange 720S and the white counterpart.
Mike Flewitt, CEO of McLaren say that we can all expect the track-focused version of the 720S as McLaren is still figuring out its production patterns of releases of the limited edition cars.
The track-inspired 650S model was named the 675LT and the LT was in such high demand the price sky-rocketed after deliveries took place. The LT model had more power and more aero styling than the base 650S model.