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Lego Ferrari F40 has a Removable V8 Engine!



The Ferrari F40 was released back in 1987 and to this day is still one of the bucket list supercars to own prior to dying.  30 years into the future the F40 has not lost any steam and is more iconic than ever.  Lego has decided to make this car even more immortal by producing it as one of their products.
Cost: $90
Pieces: 1158 Piece Set
Available: August 1, 2015
The 1158 piece set once completed has operational front and rear hoods and doors.  The darn thing even has a replica V8 twin turbo engine that can be removed!  How cool is that?
This might be our only opportunity to ever own part of Ferrari Heritage so we are going to pick one of these up August 1st!
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