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VLF Automotive FORCE 1 V10 Has Been Unveiled



VLF Automotive is not a name that you have ever heard of before. The reason being this is the first car the company has set out to design and produce. VLF Automotive has recently released pictures of the Force 1 V10 that is eqipped with a Dodge Viper V10 8.4 liter engine.
The 3 men at the helm of VLF are former Aston Martin DB9 designer Henrik Fisker, ex GM boss Bob Lutz and racing driver Ben Keating.
The 745bhp V10 will launch the Force 1 to 60mph in 3 seconds flat with a top speed of 218mph. The Force 1 will have a very complex computer controlled active suspension and the body will have carbon fiber bits.
The ultimate question is always, “How much will this cost?” The price that is being reported is starting at $238,500 and there will only be 50 units produced.
source:Evo Magazine