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The 1000hp Mansory AMG S63



With an injection of horsepower steroid, the Mansory S63 has been boosted up to some insane power figures. Not that the S63 really needed the power upgrade, but heck, why not? That is what the Bavarian company Mansory does to anything vehicle they get their hands on.
This luxury limo horsepower freak puts out some very impressive numbers. 986 horsepower and an electronically controlled torque figure of 1033b ft. The S63 does not get an over the top aesthetics package either which is a thumbs up to Mansory.
The Mansory S63 package comes in two variations. The first, M800 which is being called the low baller wuss model puts out 789 horsepower and 885b ft of torque. The other option is the M1000 with the impressive 986 horsepower and 1033lb ft of torque.
The aesthetics package is very subtle but Mansory did not leave anything out. The front and rear bumpers have been redesigned, fenders widened a bit, spoiler and rear diffuser added and the hood was given a small flowing groove.
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