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Ferrari Owner Ruins His Ferrari to Make Fake Enzo!



A Ferrari owner has committed a crime by creating a fake Ferrari Enzo with their actual Ferrari F430. At first glance you may think this car is a Ferrari Enzo in typical Rosso Corsa Red, but some details are off. Why is there a V8 stuffed in the back and not the Enzo V12? That rear bumper just is not right and the car just looks to have a small wheel base.
This is all because this owner took their $140,000 F430 and did some body work and is trying to start the bidding at $400,000. There have been zero bids for this monstrosity.
The Owner, “Truly a ONE OF A KIND car, Million dollar look with out the excessive maintenance, insurance, or concern. Exterior Body is made of Carbon Fiber with an Aluminum frame. Power Windows, AC, Air Bags, Ceramic Brakes, Single lug OEM Enzo wheels. 4000 total original Miles on this car, F1 Transmission. These pictures say it all, You will not find a car that has this style for anywhere close to this price. This car has been properly maintained by Ferrari authorized facilities. There are no issues with this vehicle. No warning lights on in the dash or anything. I am particular and take care of my toys. This car will go up in value, as almost all Ferrari’s have been for the past years. I simply have too many cars and not enough time to enjoy all of them”
Yeah, truly is a ONE OF A KIND. With a twist!
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