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Discover the Rolls Royce 103EX



For 100 years Rolls-Royce has pushed the boundaries of the automotive industry into great heights. Rolls-Royce recently unveiled a ludicrous concept vehicle to showcase what the British car maker has in store for the next 100 years.
The Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100 is an electric-powered vehicle combines futuristic styling with the elegance that Rolls-Royce always brings to the market.
The 103EX is speculated to have a carbon-fiber chassis and powered by a zero-emission powertrain. With a 5900mm length, this Rolls is nothing short of massive just like all their other products.
With any concept car, there is always an astonishing amount of absurdness thrown into the mix and the Rolls shows this with front fender and grill sections being separated in design. The 103EX still holds true to the classic Rolls-Royce styling with the polished grille with Double-R Badging that is significant to Rolls-Royce.
Source:YouTube Rolls Royce
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