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Did McLaren Add ‘Drift Mode’ To Their New Supercar?



The quick answer is yes, McLaren has added the drift feature to their new to be debuted supercar the McLaren 720S or project codename P14 that has been in the works to replace the current McLaren 650S at the Geneva Motor Show in March.
It is a little over a month away from the show and more leaked teaser photos and info is hitting the interwebs the last couple weeks. McLaren is not too clever with their names so we guess the 720S will have, you guessed it 720HP.
McLaren has said that with all this power and added grip that is the 720S chassis will have, there is a switch that can be activated to kick the rear end out and powerslide. This feature is called the McLaren Variable Drift control feature and allows the driver to adjust the levels of stability with a swipe from the touchscreen.
Source:McLaren Automotive