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The New McLaren 720S Captured Before The Public Debut



For quite some time McLaren has been teasing the 650S successor to the public. But let’s take a step back and understand the lineup from McLaren, it can be a little confusing.
The British motor company was founded in 1963 by Bruce McLaren. Over the last half decade, McLaren has mainly been a formula 1 racing team with two supercars being built in their factory the McLaren F1 and the McLaren / Mercedes SLR. In 2010 McLaren Automotive was re-launched with a standalone manufacturing facility next to the racing factory. In 2011, the company launched their first supercar the MP4-12C. During the years of 2013-2015 the almighty McLaren P1 was sold. As sales increased and consumers wanted more from the British company, McLaren decided to create a business plan where they would release a new model car each year. That being said a new model would not be an entire overall of an existing model, more of a facelift and some more power.
In 2015 McLaren decided to create the new Sports Series line which would include the McLaren 570S and 540S and also came out the McLaren 675LT which was a facelifted 650S with more power and more aero.
As of today, we have a spy shot of the all new chassis and styling from McLaren, the P14. The P14 will end the story line for the 12C/650S chassis and move McLren into their new monocage II program. This spy shot was captured by Instagramer Lamborghiniks
Photo Source:Lamborghiniks Instagram