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How Much Does It Cost To Service A Ferrari 458 Especiale



Youtuber Mr JWW gives us a first hand look at what goes into a Ferrari 458 Especiale service after some track days and normal every day driving. The video below shows the 458 going to its’ first MOT which is a check up for a cars overall health in the UK.
Seeing the underbelly of the Especiale is something very magical since most of us that have viewed one in person only get to see the outside bodywork and interior of the car. The detail that goes into the underbelly aero of the Especiale is just wonderful with actively engage aero bits that open or change shape when the 458 hits certain speeds to the brake cooling that is attached directly to the massive Ferrari Brembo calipers.
There are naca ducting inlets under the car that lead to the engine intakes that are in carbon fiber. The naca ducts are attached to huge parts of the under tray that are made of full carbon fiber.
Lets see all the details and how much it cost to own and operate one of these limited run Ferrari 458 Especiales.