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How To Take Your Ferrari 488 GTB from 670hp to 800hp



If you are a lucky one and own a brand new Ferrari 488 GTB look no further than Vivid Racing in Gilbert, Arizona. The VR team has introduced a Ferrari 488 GTB Ecu upgrade tune that increases your 488 turbocharged engine to roughly 800hp from 670hp. Pretty good increase for only $2,000 that it will set you back.
4881 4882
The power increase is said to resemble the actual power the Ferrari LaFerrari puts out minus the electric hybrid engine which seems to be astonishing. The tuning upgrade is pretty simple with a few plug-and-play sensors and plugs. This is not an Ecu flash either which will void the warranty from the factory pretty much with any manufacturer, this is a piggy-back upgrade.
The instructions say the installation will take about 5-45 minutes out of your day and has a 3-year warranty.
Source: Vivid Racing