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Ferrari 488 Upgrade Reaches Hypercar Horsepower



Depending on your preference of turbocharging or naturally aspirated engines one can not deny that horsepower is king. The sounds of the 458 Especiale is definitely magical but the new V8 twin-turbo engine in the 488 is something to get used to. But what can not be argued is the power levels that turbo charging can achieve.
Naturally aspirated engines are very expensive to pull more ponies out of with any platform of car. Turbo engines have multiple tweaks and dials that can be adjusted from more boost pressure which comes normally from a new ECU tune.
Alpha-N Performance has delivered that ECU tune for the 488 which will deliver horsepower levels that are right up with the Porsche 918 hybrid. What a 488 owner will see in increased power is 129hp from 661 to 790! All for the price of $3200.