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A Race Team’s Story Of Racing and Drug Smuggling



If you have never heard of the Whittington brother’s you are in for a Johnny Depp “Blow” style story from real life. In the 1970s there were two brother that got into sports car racing on the side and wanted to compete in the 24 hours of Le Man. In 1979 the Whittington brother’s purchased their racing seat in the Kremer team with a Porsche 935 K3s. Watch the video below to hear the full story that turned out to have to the two brother’s purchase the famous Atlanta race track Road Atlanta and landing drug smuggling planes on the long straight away and storing the drugs in tractor trailers inside the racetrack.
The Whittington brother’s later on after the 24 hours of Le Mans ventured into Nascar and Indy with their drug money.