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The First McLaren Senna Was Caught On The Streets



Most car enthusiasts have seen the latest and possibly most controversial McLaren ever produced by the Woking, England supercar maker and Formula 1 team. The McLaren Senna was debuted in December and to the surprise of many had a very interesting shape that was painted in an orange that maybe wasn’t to many people’s liking. In 2017, McLaren achieved one of their largest sale years ever which means people are liking the direction the car maker is heading into the future and what they stand for,
One of the first McLaren Senna’s was photographed by an instagram page anytimespy and hampshirephoto. The McLaren Senna from what we can tell looks lightyears better in black and to a point almost a little menacing, which is what we expect from McLaren.
A little spec sheet on the Mclaren Senna goes like this. With only 500 units of this rare McLaren being built at a price of $1 million USD. The Senna is said to be the most fierce road going McLaren you can purchase right now at the moment. There will be no hybrid power unit attached to the Senna like the P1, which had a petrol engine with a hybrid KERS system to create more power. The Senna will be powered by the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V-8 that is found all the McLaren lineup, but this one will produce 789 hp and 590 lb-ft of torque. And McLaren sometimes gives you even more power than what they are saying.
The Senna weighs in at 2,641 lbs and is the lightest McLaren to ever be produced since the iconic McLaren F1. With all of these power figures we can talk just a little about the aggressive aero package attached to the Senna. With a huge jumbo wing on the rear and some not so subtle design cues all around, the Senna is built for driving to the race track and being at the top of the time sheet then driving home. Elegance was some what put to the side or are we starting to see a transition of the luxury brands with their hyper cars going more aggressive with styling. The Aston Martin – Red Bull Racing Valkyrie and the Mercedes Project ONE sure are more about track performance than street going luxuries. We will see what the future holds for these hypercar manufacturers.
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