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The Mercedes-AMG One Will Be Delayed



Who would have thought that putting a modern day Formula 1 engine into a production road car would have any issues? Well, Mercedes-AMG is having to push back the delivery of the Mercedes-AMG One due to something that seems to be a easy fix for a company of this stature.
Mercedes is has said that the problem they are encountering is getting the AMG One to idle at a stable rpm of 1,200. In Formula 1 the cars do not spend much time at in the idle rpm range nor do the team really have to turn the cars for a perfect idle speed. Formula 1 cars typically idle right around the 5,000rpm range so getting the idle to be stable at 1,200 is a new path for the engine supplier.
The hard part is meeting emission regulations and if the idle is not stable the emissions will be unstable. Mercedes-AMG have decided to push the delivery back to 2020. There will be 275 examples of the One produced and yes, they are completely sold out.