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McLarne Debuts Speedtail With 250-MPH Top Speed



Feast your eyes on the latest out of the Woking, UK outfit McLaren. Love it or hate it the McLaren Speedtail is here to stay as McLaren’s most powerful street car they have ever developed for a limited client list. The Speedtail is said to achieve 250mph which would break the record of the McLaren F1 that hit a top speed of 243-mph years ago.
McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt says that McLaren has never built a car like this before that mixes science and a fusion of art to equal a maximum speed with an iconic driver position where the driver sits in the center of the car just like the McLaren F1 from the 1990s.
The Speedtail will utilize a hybrid powertrain like the McLaren P1 that will combined to make a power output of 1,035 horsepower that will allow the slick design to achieve the 250-mph barrier.