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We Are Drooling Over The New Bugatti Divo



Since Stephan Winkelmann has taken the helm of Bugatti after an amazing tenor with Lamborghini as their CEO during the year 2005-2016. During his time at Lamborghini the company saw major growth before Stephan moved on to Audi and has now ended up as the acting CEO of Bugatti. Since Winkelmann arrived at Bugatti after the design process of the Bugatti Chiron was complete there was not much he could change with the Chiron platform.
Winkelmann’s first project was given to the design team to create a unmistakable Bugatti but it needs to be nimble, agile and performance handling-oriented car. Something completely different than what Bugatti has done in the past.
Bugatti will only make 40 examples of the Divo and you guessed it, they are all sold already. The Divos were sold out prior to the public reveal this past weekend. The Divo comes with a $5.8 million price tag which is close to two times the price of a Chiron.