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Aston Martin and Red Bull Unveil Their Hypercar



Early this morning in West Midlands, England at the Aston Martin headquarters are rare project was unveiled and released to the public. A few months ago we reported on the hypercar project between Red Bull Racing and Aston Martin. The day has come when the English car manufacturer and the energy drink formula 1 team debut their V12 natural aspirated hypercar to the world.
From Aston Martin executives, the appearance of the AM-RB-001 is 70% to 80% complete but still they will have a few tweaks. A working prototype is said to take on the testing duties in spring 2017 and production cars will be available in 2018.
There are not many technical specs coming out yet with this launch, but there will be a kinetic recovery system aboard just like a formula 1 car. We can only image what magic Adrian Newey from Red Bull Racing will come up with on this project.
amrb1 amrb2
source: Aston Martin