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Chris Harris Will Host Internet TOP GEAR Show



Source:Top Gear BBC
Chris Harris made his Top Gear debut this week on the revamped show with a stunning Ferrari F12 TDF. With such a great response to his segment, it looks like Harris will be getting his own internet show to dissect the cars further for the extreme car enthusiasts.
The Show as of right now is unclear what the name will be but we do know one thing. Chris and his video guy Neilos Carey will be teaming up and we can’t wait to see what these two bring to the table with a BBC Top Gear budget.
If you are not familiar with Chris Harris you need to catch up. Harris is the host of his own youtube channel called “Chris Harris on Cars”. Where Harris and Carey take some of the most expensive cars in the world and slide them every which way and burning all the tires off some incredible machines.
You can tell we are extremely excited. Here is a link to the TG Press Release and even a YouTube example of what to expect from Chris Harris.
Source:Chris Harris Twitter
Source:Chris Harris on Cars