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Learn About Modern Formula 1 Brake Systems



Source:Formula 1
Braking systems on any vehicle are one of the most important components but one of the most overlooked. But, when you are in a Formula 1 car doing 200mph+ on a straight coming into turn 1, the braking system can be one of the most complicated systems to dial in and get right for the teams. The braking system is never overlooked or under-developed on the modern Formula 1 car. One name comes to mind when racing braking systems are talked about, Brembo. Brembo is the leader in braking technology over the years in racing and road car technology.
Most of the modern day Formula 1 teams utilize a 32mm thick front rotor and a 28mm rear with six-piston calipers in the front of the car and four-piston in the rear. The brake caliper temperature ranges wildly but the high teams range up to 400 degrees fahrenheit with the carbon disc getting up higher than 1,000 degrees. Each team will order close to 15+ sets of calipers for the entire race season and up to 250 carbon discs and 500 brake pad sets to compete in an entire year of F1.
Check out the video below for more info on a modern day Formula 1 car.