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IN DEPTH : Koenigsegg Factory Tour



As the production is ramping up at Koenigsegg of the latest Regera, Shmee150 took an in depth tour of the Swedish hypercar factory. The tour is navigated by none of there than Mr Christian Von Koneigsegg himself.
“We take a look around the ever-growing Koenigsegg factory in Ängelholm, Sweden, now building the Agera RS, a limited run of 25 cars and gearing up to commence production of the hybrid megacar, the Regera.
I’m joined by the company founder, Christian von Koenigsegg, who still to this day has a vast knowledge and understanding of his cars and the engineering processes that go into creating them, for a look around the facility. From the production line with Agera RS models moving through, to the development of Regara, and how the cars start out initially with carbon fibre processes.
This is a particularly special and rare opportunity to look behind the doors in this much detail, so a huge thanks must go to the Koenigsegg team for making it possible. I’ll also be getting fully under the skin of the Regera, so stay tuned!
Thanks for watching, Tim”
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source: Shmee150 Youtube Channel / Koenigsegg