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This Lambo Is A Concept Collaboration With MIT



Source:The Verge
The Lamborghini Terzo Millennio was debuted this week and is a joint venture between Lamborghini and MIT. The Terzo Millennio is a concept of what is to come from the Italy auto maker in the future and love it or hate it, this concept is pretty insane. What is so interesting is that Lamborghini came to MIT to come up with a concept of an all electric hypercar. But, is this really what the future exotic car customers really want? Seems like the answer is no for right now, the driver wants cyclinders firing and making noise says one of Lamborghini’s R&D directors.
MIT and Lamborghini signed a 3 year contract with professors from the school and students to help develop a use for a supercapacitor that uses catches energy and releases it simultaneously.
Lamborghini’s R&D director Reggiani says that this project is in no way exactly the path that the Italians are looking to take for their entire fleet in the future.