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Here’s The Crazy Zenvo TSR-S With Active Aero On Track



We saw the crazy twin-axis active aero wing on the Zenvo TSR-S for the time at the Geneva Motor Show back in March. For the first time we see the 1200HP Zenvo on track with the active aero working to obtain maximum grip for the exotic hyper car.
The Zenvo TSR-S makes roughly 1200HP at 8500rpm with a 5.8-liter supercharged V8. The 0-62mph number clocks in at 2.8 seconds and max speed is computer limited to 202mph. The insane wing that is attached to the Zenvo in the rear is called the Centripetal Wing, it has two axes which means that the wing can function for downforce while accelerating through a turn and also used as an air brake like the McLaren 720S. When the Zenvo is cutting through a turn the philosophy of the wing is to tilt and angel itself for maximum grip.