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US Haas F1 Team Factory Tour [VIDEO]



The 2016 F1 schedule will see the first United States team entering the field in the last 30 years. Gene Haas is the man behind the team entering into the pinnacle of motorsports, that is Formula 1. Haas for years has played a massive role in Nascar and is looking expand his reach to more Haas Automation customers by entering F1.
Guenther Steiner will be the team principal heading up the Haas F1 Team. Steiner worked for Jaguar and Redbull Racing in the past and looks to be the man to do the job for the US team
Here is a glimpse of what it takes to compete on the track and logistically in F1. Guenther gives you an amazing run down of what the employees have been up to.
source: CNN