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Ferrari Debuts Latest 488 Challenge



Whenever Ferrari puts on a special event throughout the year, there is typically a special unveiling that will happen during the event. At this year’s Ferrari Finali Mondiali in Mugello, Italy – Ferrari debuted their Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo. The 488 Challenge Evo is a customer race car that has new aero and better performance.
The increase in aero calculates to 30% more downforce for the Challenge Evo. The driver is also capable of adjusting the front end downforce depending on the track the Ferrari is turning a wheel around the world.
The rear of the 488 Challenge Evo gets a lift with new venting and rear wing that help to increase the downforce. The Challenge Evo is also equipped with new Pirelli tires will boost the performance of the Evo for much better lap times than the currently running Ferrari 488 Challenge