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Insane Ferrari 458 GT3 Crash This Weekend



Fernando Alonso was named the luckiest man alive over a week ago with his massive wreck at the Formula 1 opener in Austrailia when he collided with one of the 2 brand new US Formula 1 team-mates from HAAS F1. Now, this weekend the name Sacha Bottemanne has hit the auto circles after a major crash in the GT Tour race at France’s Nogaro Circuit. Bottemanne’s Ferrari 458 GT3 tapped another 458 while racing for position down a straight.
Bottemanne’s 458 tapped the other 458 after getting about a half car length ahead which lead to Sacha being turned directly towards a wall at full speed. The video is very horrific with debris all over the track. We are happy to report Sacha Bottemanne did not sustain any major injuries.
source: Youtube Channel TBK Light