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Deadmau5 Is Selling His Lamborghini Huracan



Source: The Drive
The famous DJ Deadmau5 has put his Lamborghini Huracan or better known as the NyanBorghni Purracan up for sale. Celebrities of all sorts have for years now had an itch to customize exotic cars to the max and sometimes in the not so classy of ways. Some do everything in candy paint and match the wheels with the same colors with outlandish color codes and some others no exactly what they are doing. The eletronic DJ over the last couple of years has owned everything from a Ferrari 458 with the same paint scheme to a McLaren P1 which had a value of over $1.5million that the DJ did not touch in any custom way.
The Lamborghini for sale is a low-mileage Huracan with roughly 1,700 miles on the tach. The classified ad has the Lamborghini listed for $289,900 Canadian dollars which comes to $235,000 USD.