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25 Logic-Defying Machines That Are Larger Than Life



Not every day do we encounter an object or man-made object that makes you stop and think, “How in the world?” Here is a list of some logic-defying machines and object that are used in our world today or in the past. It is truely mind-blowing how our human race has been able to accomplish so much in such a short span of years.

scale25 Liebherr Mining Excavator

scale1 Nuclear Reactor During The Fordging Process.

scale2 Diesel Engine Crankshaft That Creates 100,000 Horsepower.

scale3 The SR-71 Black Bird Production Line at Lockheed.

scale4 Oil Rig Mover, Versabar’s VB10,000.

scale27 Bridge Erection

scale5 The Inner Workings Of A CT Scanner.

scale6 Brick Laying Machine

scale7 One of the largest wind turbines in the world being transported.

scale8 TY900 Bridge Girder Transporter

scale9 World’s Largest Enclosed Ferris Wheel.

scale10 US Navy’s Electromagnetic Railgun.

scale11 Savana Mining Dredge

scale12 The 3 Generations of Mars Rovers

scale13 Hoover Dam Generator Rotor

scale14 Norweigan Cruise Ship In The Process Of Assembly.

scale15 TGS Hydraulic Salvage Claws

scale16 Huge Mining Excavator

scale17 Rotary Snowplow Locomotive

scale18 Artkos Rescue Craft

scale20 MSC Oscar, the largest container ship in the world.

scale21 Boring Machine with 4,500hp

scale22 18,500 ton hydraulic press in China

scale23 Morad Nuclear Blast Doors

scale24 US Space Shuttle Transporter

scale25 Burj Khalifa in Dubai is the tallest building in the world. source: Pinterest