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Tim Tebow Turned Down Her Invite To Prom, But Then He Shocked Us All…



Tim Tebow

Many pro athletes do charity work, but Tebow is known for going above and beyond the average. However, when a disabled girl asked him to come to her prom, he turned her down cold. Frankly, this was very surprising for a player with Tebow’s track record, but he would soon make up for it in an amazing way.


Throughout his career in sports, Tim Tebow has been a polarizing figure. After a legendary college career, his NFL career was a letdown, but it did have its moments. With his inconsistent production, his lovers and haters could both justify their positions. Despite the short length of his NFL career, Tebow was able to promote his brand and stay in the public spotlight, even before he made a huge announcement…

A Major Change

After a mediocre football career, Tebow took his talents to ESPN, where he became an analyst on the SEC network. It seemed like a good fit, but Tim had no intention of retiring from professional sports. In 2016, he signed with the New York Mets minor league affiliate. Tim Tebow became one of the few athletes to play both professional football and professional baseball. Many thought that Tebow would be a failure, but he had other plans…

Recent History

While he hasn’t torn the cover off the ball playing baseball, Tebow hasn’t embarrassed himself either. Since his promotion to the Mets team in Florida, Tim has hit five home runs. On top of that he also has done a significant amount of charity work, including distributing nearly $4 million to children’s hospitals through his foundation. His foundation has also hosted an annual prom for children with disabilities, and this is what sparked the amazing story.

Night To Shine

Tim’s small prom idea has now grown to include over 375 events a year, and it now serves over 75,000 disabled teens. Before the event in her city, 18-year-old Judy Adams sent a letter to her hero, asking him to attend the prom with her. Sadly, Tebow couldn’t join her on that particular night, but her request stuck with him… He decided to arrange a huge surprise!


After the event, Tebow got in touch with Judy’s mother to tell her his plan. In May, he was set to start his book tour to promote his new book, “Know Who You Are. Live Like It Matters.” One of his stops was The Tonight Show, and that’s where he wanted to surprise his adoring young fan.

The Big Night

Judy’s mom told her that she had won tickets to see the show in person, and the young girl jumped at the chance to see one of her favorite shows in person. Little did she know that it was Tim Tebow who gave her mom the tickets…

The Moment Of Truth

When it came time to join Fallon in the studio, Judy wasn’t even suspicious when she learned that Tebow was the main guest. However, when the athlete began to discuss his charity work, particularly his proms, the truth started to dawn on her, and her excitement began to grow.

A Date

When the host brought up Night To Shine, Tebow casually mentioned how he never had a date to a prom before, including his own event. It was then that Jimmy Fallon grabbed a corsage from under his desk, while making a remark about how it didn’t match Tim very well. After taking the corsage, Tebow turned to the audience. The moment had come!


Much to Judy’s surprise, Tebow began to tell the story of her letter. He explained how inspirational and amazing she was, before he apologized for not taking her to the event. Tim went on to say that he had invited her mom that day, and that they were both here now, so…

A Big Question

The camera panned to the overjoyed fan, and when her excitement couldn’t seem to grow any more, Tebow made it happen with a simple question. “Judy Adams, I was wondering if maybe I could have a dance?” he asked.

Shock And Awe

Judy was clearly in shock, but she managed to rush down to the stage as the audience cheered her on. Her hero gave her a massive hug, and asked her if she was surprised. “Yes!” she yelled as she tried to contain her joy.


As the lights dimmed, and The Roots began to play, Judy’s mother wiped tears from her eyes. For a few amazing minutes, the two danced all around the main floor of the show. It was definitely the highlight of the young fan’s life so far. However, the surprises weren’t over yet…

More Surprises

After the show, Tebow took his young fan to meet Kerry Washington, the other guest on the show that night. On top of all that, the athlete sent a copy of “Shaken,” his other book, to Adams in the mail. But was that all?

An Inspirational Message

Aside from all of the surprises on the show, Tebow actually had an inspirational message to deliver. He said, “I want people to know how much they matter, and how important they are. Yeah, we’re gonna get knocked down, but your identity can be bigger than just your circumstances.” Amazingly, this wasn’t the best moment that Tim Tebow had this year…

The Hero

On August 10th of 2017, Tebow was in the on-deck circle, getting ready to bat against the Charlotte Stone Crabs. A young fan with autism ran down and received a handshake from his hero through the netting. The boy was elated, but the moment was about to get even more magical…

A Miracle

After shaking hands with his young fan, Tebow strode to the plate. He saw his pitch, and drilled a three-run homer over the outfield wall. Despite being on the road, the crowd stood to their feet and cheered as Tebow rounded the bases.

His Inspiration

After the game, Tebow made sure to get a picture with the young fan who inspired his towering home run. While playing minor league ball in Florida, Tebow has brightened the day of many people. In fact…

Bringing Happiness

A fan asked Tebow to make a video message for his grandma, and without skipping a beat, Tebow made a short clip that made the 88-year-old grin from ear to ear. What did he say?

A Sweet Message

“What’s up, Miss Margaret? It’s Tim Tebow. I hope you’re having a great day. God bless.” The short message brought tears to Margaret McClung, and her son said that it meant the world to her. Not content with just bringing happiness, later in 2017, Tebow would actually save a life…


Five-year-old Jocy received major burns when her house burned to the ground. Her parents rushed her to the closest hospital, but the doctors in the Philippines just weren’t able to treat her injuries. What does this family, half-way around the world, have to do with Tim Tebow?

Tebow’s Foundation

The former Heisman winner started The Tebow Foundation to make a difference in the world. Part of that mission included hospital building. Luckily for Jocy and her family, Tebow’s CURE hospital was being built close to where they lived. Sadly, it would be three years until it was completed.


The family’s hopelessness finally lifted when they were informed that the CURE hospital would start seeing patients. Jocy was immediately admitted and underwent intensive burn repair surgery. Her life would never be the same…


Despite waiting for three years, Jocy has made a full recovery. She is now able to fully use her arms and shoulders, and she is now able to draw and ride a bike. Things that her previous doctors said she would never be able to do.