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25 Top Apple Products You Need



This Apple Watch Series 1 Sport is made from lightweight anodized aluminum in space gray. The case is created with a new alloy of 700 Series aluminum and the display is protected by strengthened Ion-X glass.

Enjoy 9 hours of battery life with this lightweight 11.6-inch Apple MacBook Air laptop. It has 128GB of flash storage to provide plenty of space for files, and its resolution of 1366 x 768 delivers enhanced picture quality. This refurbished Apple MacBook Air laptop has an Intel Core i5 processor and 4GB of RAM for smooth multitasking capability.

Access the internet while on the go with this Apple iPad Mini. Small in size but big in features, this tablet has 16GB flash memory for storing important files, and 1GB of RAM lets you multitask without lagging. This Apple iPad Mini has a responsive touch-screen display for playing games or flipping through web pages.

Work or play online with this 13.3-inch Apple MacBook Pro laptop. Its 2560 x 1600 Retina display lets you enjoy viewing premium-quality content, and its 128GB solid-state drive provides reliable storage performance. This pre-owned Apple MacBook Pro laptop enables smooth multitasking thanks to its Intel Core i5 processor and 8GB of RAM.

Upgrade your mobile workstation with this refurbished Apple MacBook Air laptop. Intel HD graphics and a glossy 13.3-inch screen combine to deliver crisp, clear images for streaming video or gaming, while the Intel Core i5 processor provides responsive operation. Boasting a long-lasting battery, this refurbished Apple MacBook Air laptop offers up to 30 hours of standby time and up to 12 hours of internet browsing or video viewing.

Achieve more with this Apple iPad Air. Its iOS 7 operating system ensures the smooth functioning of your work apps, and its 1GB of RAM supports intense multitasking. Files and videos are easy to view on its 9.7-inch screen, while the 10 hours of battery life on this Apple iPad Air help you keep up with your workday.

Play your favorite apps and surf the web on this pre-owned Apple iPad 3. The 9.7-inch Retina display lets you view crystal-clear images, and the 5-megapixel iSight camera takes lifelike pictures and 1080p videos. The 16GB storage space of this Apple iPad 3 provides plenty of room for app downloads and personal files.

Heralded as the “most forward-thinking smartphone in the world” at the time of its introduction, the iPhone 5s models, regardless of network compatibility, have a 4″ (diagonal) widescreen multi-touch “retina display,” dual cameras, Bluetooth connectivity, and more innovative features.

The iPad Mini with Retina Display is an amazing addition to your tech arsenal. Whether you’re streaming your favorite shows, designing a graphic, or typing out an email — every image is incredibly detailed and vibrant, and every line of text is remarkably crisp and clear. With higher resolution than an HDTV, this iPad is stunning —on a whole new scale. In addition, the advanced technology works to keep you connected faster than ever, and in more locations than ever. Using two antennas instead of one and MIMO technology, iPad Mini delivers twice the Wi-Fi performance of its predecessor.

Beautifully thin and impressively powerful, Apple’s iPad Air is perfect for surfing the Web, watching videos, and doing just about anything else you could on a computer, with significantly less bulk. This certified refurbished tablet lets you connect to WiFi and download your favorite apps, shows, games, and more with 32GB of local storage. You can binge-watch, read, and work on the fly using its spacious 9.7″ retina display, and snap stunning photos and video with enhanced front and rear cameras.

You shouldn’t have to pay full price to get your hands on quality Apple gear. With a lightning-fast processor, gorgeous retina display, and impressive battery life, this refurbished iPad 4 is your go-to solution for working on the fly, binge-watching your favorite shows, and doing virtually anything else you could on a computer, minus the bulk! With WiFi support and 16GB of storage, you can surf the Web, download your favorite content, and enjoy it all on a spacious 9.7″ screen.

Too many Apple devices with too many charging cables? Reduce the clutter with the M2 Cube! This powerful, flexible adapter attaches to your Apple USB-C power adapter (that big block thing) and turns a single charger into four. It adds a USB-C PD, QC3.0, and two USB charging ports so you can charge up to four devices at once, thereby reducing the cable clutter and minimizing what you need to bring with you on the go.

Whether you need to work on the move or just surf the Web at home, there’s no better way to do it than with a MacBook Pro. Packing a Core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM, 500GB hard drive, and more inside its sleek aluminum frame, this excellent condition refurbished MacBook Pro is the perfect way to keep your browsing mobile while saving a pretty penny. It comes engineered with Intel Turbo Boost Technology for more efficient energy use and a rich selection of ports for connecting your favorite devices.

The Nomad Stand has a modern design that’s minimal enough to fit on nightstands without getting in the way. It’s all about the details with this stand, too. A hidden channel keeps your charging cable out of eyesight, a copper alloy base adds stability, and the high-friction rubber footing makes sure the Stand and your Apple Watch aren’t going anywhere..

Apple’s Magic Mouse is, well, pretty magical. It’s a comfortable, artfully designed mouse that just works. Still, if you’re spending all day at the office slinging one around, your fingers are bound to get sore eventually, especially if you’ve got bigger hands. Say hello to MagicGrips. These soft cushions adhere to the sides of the mouse, giving it a large, concave surface on which to rest your fingers and a wider grip that feels great. They even nicely complement Apple’s design.

Wireless charging is becoming more and more common, but so too are the problems associated with it. For instance, you can’t charge multiple Qi-compatible devices at once. This portable charging station solves that problem. Compatible with Apple Watch, the new iPhones, and Qi-enabled Android phones, this simple charging station allows you to decrease the cable clutter while getting your phone and Apple Watch powered up fast.

What happens when engineers and designers get together and iterate on the perfect Apple Watch charging dock? They invent the NightStand. Minimalist and sleek, the NightStand keeps a low profile in terms of aesthetics, but speaks loudly when it comes to convenience. It suction cups to your desired surface so you don’t have to worry about knocking it over, and is so easy to dock and undock that you could do it with one hand. Compact and simple to install, this stand is Apple Watch perfection found.

You love your MacBook Pro, sure, but you might not be thrilled with the lack of ports. Extend your MacBook’s capabilities by adding this 6-in-1 hub. Compatible with 2016 and 2017 USB-C MacBooks, this single hub adds USB-A, SD, and microSD ports to your MacBook, giving it significantly more flexibility, from charging other devices, to sending 5k video out.

The first of their kind, TAMO Forever Cables are called such because they’re built to do just that: Last forever. These incredibly tough, steel-coiled cables are designed for those who need a cable that endures the wear and tear of everyday life. These premium cables are MFi-Certified, meaning they’re perfectly compatible with your Apple devices and will charge your phone in style.

Desk space is valuable real estate, and sometimes there’s simply not enough room to accommodate your laptop, notebook, and monitor while you work. Designed to free up precious space, this docking stand lets you conveniently stow your laptop when you’re not using its screen. The stand can hold your laptop vertically for less clutter or horizontally to plug in any essential cables. What’s more, it’s adjustable, so one size easily fits all.

One cable, all your devices. That’s the promise of this magnetic charging cable that comes with Lightning, micro USB and USB-C connections all on the same cable. Plus, its tough nylon-braided cord is durable enough to resist tears or damage better than other cables.

If you spend much of your life on the go, it’s a good idea to have a portable battery just in case you’re away from a power outlet for a long time. But better yet, why not have the fastest recharging power bank on the market? This remarkable 10,000mAh battery recharges completely in just 30 minutes, so you can have enough portable power to fully recharge an iPhone multiple times in a short amount of time.

Another incredible innovation from Ztylus, the Revolver M Series turns your formidable iPhone camera into one that is downright elite. This CES honoree has artfully combined a durable case and the latest 6-in-1 Revolver Lens attachment with a redesigned, sharper than ever optical performance. In one device, you get a case, a screen protector, and six fresh lenses in an attachment that’s about the size of an Oreo. With super accessible QuickFlip technology, the Revolver Kit is ideal for the mobile photographer in all of us.

If you’re an Apple person, you’re probably saddled with all kinds of wires and chargers and when it comes time to charge all your devices, you’re stuck juggling everything. Eliminate the cable clutter with the iPM 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station, the only station that can charge your Qi-enabled iPhone, Apple Watch, and Apple AirPods all at the same time. Wirelessly.

Bringing you the convenience of Apple’s AirPods minus the sucker punch to your checking account, the Air Buds make wireless listening accessible for everyone. You can stay connected with state-of-the-art Bluetooth 4.2 tech and enjoy crisp audio with minimal bulk. And, with the included charging case, you can bring an extra 10 charges for your earbuds wherever your playlists take you.

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