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Bizarre Photos That Will Make You Stop And Say, “Wait, What?”



Invisible Hacks

This guy came up with a genius hack for all of those times you smudge your glasses, but don’t have a cleaning cloth with you. Just sew one to the inside of your shirt and you’ll never have to peer through dirty glasses again!

Cat Got Your Thumb?

Now, here’s something you don’t see every day…a cat with opposable thumbs! Do you think the cat has figured out how to use them, or would they just get in the way?

Bottle Cap Abode

Homeless people create makeshift homes for themselves all the time, so why can’t a hermit crab? When this little guy lost his shell, he had to adapt to his surroundings, and by the looks of it he’s doing a pretty great job.

Something For Everyone

This vending machine claims to be “Healthy, Wealthy, Wise,” but there doesn’t seem to be anything healthy in that vending machine. Also, they can’t be that wealthy if nobody has to pay for their snacks, and there’s nothing wise about a vending machine that dispenses all of its items at once. Better luck next time!

Pretty In Pink

It’s been confirmed that pink dolphins are real, but we’ve never heard of pink insects before. Looks like there’s a first time for everything!

Find The Phone

For this person, the chances of finding a surface that somewhat matched their phone case was slim. However, they not only found a table that matched, but had the exact same wood grain pattern as the case. How crazy is that?

Sweater Weather

This is another classic case of, “Basic white girls that all dress the exact same.” In this case, though, not only was it completely accidental, but they ended up sitting right in front of each other in the same class with the exact same hairstyle. Maybe someday they’ll figure out their own style.

Bumper Sticker Fail

Either this person is very dedicated to a long-running joke, or they’ve never been on the winning side. If it’s the latter, let’s hope they don’t gamble or purchase stock in anything…

Farmers Tan

You know your dog has worn its harness too much when it starts getting a tan line from it. The dog’s owner should start looking into some other options for this poor little guy before he gets a complex about his looks.

Planet What?

In case people weren’t aware, America is located on Earth. Why this company felt the need to specify that, nobody really knows. At least you can’t argue that they aren’t thorough.

Backwards Parenting

That awkward moment when you put your child on a leash but not your pet. Does anybody else see something wrong with this picture?

Perfect Paint Job

What do you do when you can’t afford the car of your dreams? Paint your car exactly like this person did. Props to whoever came up with this idea because it’s genius!

Prized Potato

Someone enter this sweet potato in a county fair because it is sure to win a blue ribbon! We’re curious if this was an accident or if this person has discovered the secret to growing massive vegetables?

Frog Legs, Anyone?

Here’s something else you don’t see every day: A frog with five legs! That probably means it has super-hopping abilities with its extra leg.

Blueberry Or Golf Ball?

The size of these blueberries are unreal! Here’s hoping they taste as good as they look!

Broccoli Forest

People joke that broccoli looks like little trees, but if we’re being honest with ourselves it really doesn’t. However, this tree bears a striking resemblance to a stalk of broccoli. It almost looks good enough to eat!

Three “E’s”

We get that some people struggle with good penmanship, but for this teacher, he struggles with sticking to one way of writing the letter “e.” Maybe he did it as a test for his students, or he’s simply a fan of different fonts.

Bike Track

Finally! Someone invented something to make bicyclists’ lives easier. There will be no more carrying your bike up endless flights of stairs. Here’s hoping they start installing more of these.

Prescription Problems

This is quite simply a brilliant invention. How many times do you forget when you last took your medication? With this, you’ll never need to wonder again. These should come with every time-sensitive prescription.

Master Of Mowing

As the old saying goes, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” Props to this groundskeeper that came up with an ingenious way to mow those hard-to-reach places.

Snow Strip

Why is this not a thing at every bar? Not only does it keep cold beverages cold, but it keeps all that condensation from dripping all over the place. It seems like a win-win for everyone.

Handle With Care

These should come with all fragile packages. It tracks the exact angles your package has been tilted at during delivery. It’s a perfect way to call the delivery company out on any mistreatment of your package.

Skateboard Racks

They make bike racks, so why not skateboard racks? This is a perfect compromise for business owners that don’t want skateboards brought inside, but won’t lose patrons by banning them altogether.

Build-Your-Own Burger

Everybody hates a soggy burger, so this is the perfect solution. Every restaurant needs to get on board with this way of delivering a burger. It’s the way of the future.

Plant Perfection

Apparently, in Beijing, cars come with plants in the back to improve air quality inside the vehicle. It’s a brilliant idea in theory. Hopefully people don’t let their plant die, otherwise they’re just chauffeuring around a dead plant in the back of their car.

Parking Poorly

We’ve all made fun of other people’s terrible parking jobs. While it’s really not that difficult to just pull out and straighten your vehicle, people are lazy. This small adjustment would enable more people to park properly.

Working Wonders With Wood

Have you ever been curious about how a log gets transformed into multiple pieces of wood in varying shapes and sizes? This diagram shows how no part gets left out and it honestly makes so much sense. They can get so much out of a single log! That’s crazy!

Machine Vs. Man

You’re not alone if you thought bricks were laid down one at a time. Turns out they’ve been using this much-more-effective method all along. Brilliant!

Say What?

We’re not sure what’s crazier…the fact that houses in the 1900’s were able to be moved, or that this was the best method they had of transferring them to their new location. Thankfully, technology has greatly advanced since then!

Movie Magic

Who would have ever thought that this is the process of changing a lightbulb in an IMAX theater? A ladder makes much more sense, but if this works, then more power to him!

At The Heart

When trying to imagine what the inside of a bowling ball looks like, this is definitely not what comes to mind for most people. Now, you’ll never look at a bowling ball the same way after seeing this.

Never-Ending Noodles

In Taiwan, this is a common sight for natives and tourists alike. While it hardly looks sanitary, these masters of noodle-making have the whole process down to a science.

The Empire Strikes Back

It’s classic, iconic, and a huge part of cinematic history, but no one really knows how this scene was filmed. This technology is relatively advanced considering the time in which it was filmed. None of the Star Wars films would have been the same without the beloved opening crawl.

Clean As A Whistle

Everybody’s ears need a good cleaning from time to time, especially that of our great former-president, Abraham Lincoln. This man should be honored to have such a prestigious task. Here’s hoping he doesn’t misstep and take a tumble off Honest Abe.

Don’t Be Cheap

This is why quality matters. Anybody can buy a cheap iPad case, but if you do, you might end up like this person. Save yourself the trouble of possibly getting a case made out of toothpaste boxes and invest in the real deal.