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Here’s What a $500k House Looks Like In Each State



With the housing market in a frenzy over the past few years, it’s no secret that prices have fluctuated greatly all over the country. From giant exoduses in certain states, to huge influxes of people in others, it’s never been a more tricky time to gauge how volatile a particular market may be. Bigger, more popular cities have outpriced many to the suburbs, while lower population states are gaining more people thanks to larger, cheaper homes.
However, with a lot of uncertainty taking place, it’s actually the perfect time for any spontaneous person to move somewhere new, especially with new opportunities to work remotely. If you have the means to relocate, single family homes for about $500,000 are accessible in some places, but in others, for that price you can get a whole mansion, cabin, or multi-family home. The choice is yours, it all just comes down to location. So without further ado, here’s a $500,000 home in every state.