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Hilarious Car Tips and Tricks



There is a reason why most of the people out there are not mechanics or repairmen. These car owners took their repairs to the next level with their genius yet cost effective repairs.
From plywood doors to flashlight headlights you will see it all here. Click NEXT to continue

German Quality

Everyone knows German car quality is the best in the world, but this makeshift Mercedes hood piece will just have to do.

Head Flashlights

The D battery replacement fatigue of this repair is unimaginable. Not sure you’ll necessarily be able to see anything, but at least they tried.

Mirror Glasses

A reflection is a reflection is a reflection no matter how you look at it. Will it work? Sure. Is it safe? Of course not.

Window Unit

You have to give them credit, this is a clever air conditioning hack for a truck without any. But where’s it plugged in?

Seal The Deal

Have you ever broken a car window? This isn’t how we’d picture the ideal fix would go, but as long as it doesn’t leak?

Premium Woodwork

The owner of this vehicle must be a decent carpenter, because there’s no way that bumper was easy to assemble. Might actually be stronger than a normal one, too.

Door Dash

A door is a door, am I right? Sometimes it’s as easy as ripping off your closet door and applying it to your vehicle with some tools.

Air Generator

Remember how we questioned power in the last guys truck? Thank this person for giving us the whole rundown, as one will also need to fixate a generator somewhere (outside please!)!

Screw Pryer

Not bad as far as innovation goes, considering screwdrivers are sturdy and aren’t too costly if it somehow blows off, so we’ll give them an A for effort.

Licensed Fender

This may be the most bizarre use of license plates we have ever seen. Not sure how he acquired them, but assuming he drilled them on, it’s safe to assume it’s sturdy, at least.

Flash Mob

We are guessing that when all three are on, it’s the high beam function. Seriously though, who’s replacing the batteries in these things? You could buy a replacement for the same price as a few months worth.

Wood It Roll?

This Flintstones tire will surely provide for a bumpy ride, but we can guarantee the treads will wear a bit faster than you’re hoping for.

Box Bumper

The absolute half-inspired effort of this Ohio driver to not only keep the bumper as a box, but only paint a lower portion of it is only something you should shake your head about.

Rug Nostalgia

Anyone remember this floor mat from your younger years? Well hey, it’s car-themed and it honestly looks awesome as woven in-floor carpet. What of it?

Door Latch

Nothing like wrecking your door panel AND your quarter panel with a $3 fence latch. Talk about a last ditch effort to preserve a car. If the door won’t shut, it’s probably time.


This must be waterproof cardboard, and those are water drainage holes. The duct tape application is really just the chef’s kiss.

Elastic Frame

Duct tape sure does solve everything, even body work. Well, that is if you don’t mind having a purely unprotected frame. Prayers up for whoever’s riding in this.

Redneck Tire Repair

Somehow this is holding air pressure, but how long it will last who knows! It’s all about the surprise, because who doesn’t love panicking over when their tire will go flat again.

Improv Limo

You are seeing a Subaru-Prius limousine combo, and this has never been successfully executed until now. Congratulations to this master craftsman.

Turn On The Brakes

You may just need a new brake pressure sensor, fuse or bulb if you are doing this. Kind of seems tedious to multi-task like that each time you’re stopping.

Wrench Way?

Some prefer to live life dangerously, this is not one of those people. Imagine for one second driving a car using only a wrench… Couldn’t be me.

Car Knob

We aren’t quite sure how this would even work, but kudos to the fabricator! Clearly using household items for your vehicles is a theme here.

Faucet Head Unit

This plumber has figured out a new engine temperature controlling apparatus, simply operated from the comfort of your own driver seat! No way this could go wrong!

More Woodwork

He even put a stripe into it! Excellent! Because you definitely need to let people know you fixed your bumper with wood even if they can’t see it.

Every Astro van should have this type of door handle. It’s basically just a small pipe attached to a plate of copper, so you know it’s sturdy.

Premium Seats

These lawn chairs were crash tested at the manufacturer’s headquarters, but sadly failed. I wonder why.

Barn Siding

The sheer construction of barn material provides amazing aerodynamic texture to this Pontiac. A real head-turner, some would say.

Locked Up

Might as well just weld the door shut at this point, but this person clearly has an adoration with their car to the point where this was worthwhile.

No Back Door Access

Not only is the back door missing from this car, but the owner clearly doesn’t want anyone getting in or out of the backseat at all. Looks like they bolted a pure steel frame to the body.

Lock Wedge

This is a quality car hack that will probably last for years. Everyone comes up with clever ways to ensure they’re not locked out, but this one is impressive.

Red Wood Whip

This passes the 50 rule. From 50 yards away it looks just fine!

Geo Plow

The Geo Metro converted into a snow plow that also doubles as some sort of construction vehicle is just too good. Talk about a utility vehicle.

Roof Rack

Why buy or rent a truck when you can make a roof rack? This thing costs a fraction of the price and allows you to still have ample car spac, not to mention the usual built-in trunk!

Styrofoam Hood

We aren’t quite sure how long this will hold up, but the makeshift styrofoam and wood fixtures are bound to at least contribute something to the aerodynamics and as least protect the engine.

Custom Rickshaw

Not your typical three-wheel rickshaw, but this thing is probably a blast to drive considering it has a lot more power… Let’s just hope whoever’s driving it has a helmet.

Pieced Together

A mixture of a small pickup, a Camaro, and bondo all combined to make one heck of a vehicle. Looks like it may even float, too. Can’t wait to see the reactions this thing gets.

License Fastener

This person geniusly decided to bungey their license plate down so it quit flapping against the back of the car. Now that’s an easy fix-it solution.

Stitch Fix

Quality stitching from a quality car doctor. No way any sort of of liquid will make its way in there, it’s totally fine. This was definitely the best option, I’m sure.

Custom Grill

So much detail in this custom grill, it’s almost hard to know where to start. Each pattern was handcrafted with such precision, it’s almost like people would think they did this on purpose.

Glove Belt

Another awesome use for a seat belt or clip. When your glove box doesn’t fasten properly, simply attach a seat belt to it and you’re good to go.

Just… Tape

This tape will probably have to be swapped out for duct tape, but for now it will do. I mean c’mon, it’s doing exactly the job it’s supposed to, right?

Fixed Lighting

This light system installation is really of the finest quality. Add brackets and screws to your hood and you’re all set. Plus it has a nice rally car look to it now, too.

Blink Up

The Jagermeister cup blinker, such a brilliant hack even the police will laugh. We wouldn’t have been able to come up with that even in our wildest dreams.

Jar Jar Blinks

We would suggest going with the Jagermeister cup instead of the glass jar.

Kiddie Mirror

At Least this mirror will make you happy while you figure out a replacement. Might get some strange looks though.

Custom 22s

This Fiero is trying to fit in with the big lifted truck boys. Can’t deny those are some sweet wheels though.

Spare Spare

This person really must have been grasping for straws to get to the autobody shop, because he seemingly took a cart wheel and attached it to the axle. Not to mention the tire is, uh, flat.

Some Coverage

Mechanic: You may lose the ability to use the rear wiper. Owner: What about rain getting in though?

Excuses, Excuses

You always assume the person with the banged up car is a bad driver. We don’t make the rules.

Spoon Wiper

We are not sure what the thought process behind the spoon is here.

Twister Tarp

Another use for your unused Twister mat is to convert it into a tarp. Remember this one!

Hey, It Fits

Another car owner turned truck owner with a few simple shortcuts. You can’t deny it works, so if he’s cool with it, who are you to judge? Not like you’d be able to get the bike out of there anyway.

Sheet Cover

This person does not want any sun damage to the interior of their vehicle. Because we already know it’s not doing anything to protect it from rain.


$100 to anyone who can describe to us exactly what this vehicle is, and the purpose behind it, and why it exists, and most importantly, how? Our heads hurt.

Auto Intake

Clean air for the turbocharged Honda CRX. This is exactly what you like to see, especially at your local dragstrip. No one’s pink slipping this guy.

Custom Intake

The definition of a cold air intake system.

Lock Down

This owner must have had issues with thieves before. Not sure how they would get away with it, but better safe than sorry.

Chained Up

This owner has also clearly had possessions stolen from them, because this chain down is not only excessive, but also confusing.

Whatever Works

Original and Sour Cream Pringles were used in this air intake repair. Can’t verify how well it works, but hey, if it does the job, who’s complaining.

Suspension Zipper

This suspension arm is held together by zip ties, clamps and a piece of leather. Exactly the supplies you should use to keep everyone in the car safe.

Diamond Plate

Diamond plates are always a great accessory on cars. Borderline inconspicuous as a gas tank cover replacement.

Disc Cover

Probably better off not using the compact disc, but whatever.