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Supermarket Shoppers Gone Wild



The supermarket brings very different people together in one place. Not everyone cares about what other people think, and they’re just living the life they want to lead. Humor is everywhere, so it’s great that there are some laughs to be had at the supermarket.
The people in these hilarious supermarket photos thought they were just heading to the store to pick up a few essentials but ended up being the stars of the show.

Weekend Warrior

After working hard all week you have no choice but to battle the weekend in style with this patriotic beer tank. Fire away…it’s party time!

The Pink Ballon Person

I think they had too much of Wonka’s fizzy lifting drink.

Bring Your Bathroom To Work Day

You’ll never need to wait in line again for the bathroom if you bring your own everywhere with you go.

It’s Hummer Time

Atleast they stopped for pedestrians before they slammed into the ped x-ing sign.

Smashing Deals

This is one way to beat the rush to get all the hot items on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Ring Around The Rosie

That’s one way to get revenge on another road rage driver.

Working To The Bone

It looks like this parking lot security guard has been working here for a very long time.

Road Trip

Road trip time but only bring 30 bags of your personal belongings and a toothbrush.

Gone Fishin’

It looks like he has good odds of catching something today.

Horsing Around

I wonder if you can get a parking ticket for leaving your horse in the shopping cart return?

On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!

The Walmart Grand Prix is one of the greatest spectator sports in the world.

Superman Savings

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Superman to save the shopping day!


This super stretch Chevy Lumina can fit your entire family tree to go shopping.

We come in peace!

Looks like the invasion is beginning across the country.

Tiny Arms T-Rex!

If only their arms were a little longer, they’d be able to devour those $5 deals.

Undercover Russian Boss

Who knew Vladimir Putin was a secret shopper at Walmart.

Gotta Have My Pops!

Even as a grown up we still can’t help ourselves to a bowl of cereal on a cheat day from our diets.

Grocery Store Yoga

Life is so hectic that you have to squeeze in a quick workout while you can.

Perfect Security

This guy came into the store to pick up some groceries but might be leaving with a new security job.

A New Look For Drew

Drew Barrymore’s new covergirl makeup really does define your bold eyes.

How Long Has He Worked There?

It looks as though the store manager left Johnny Appleseed on the fruit section for a little bit too long.

You Must Be Joking

Maybe the Joker is going to switch outfits and become a crime fighting hero.

The Force Is Strong With This One

Mini Darth Vader is using all his power in the universe to make sure this guy takes him home to his planet.

Na Na Na Na Na Batman

Bruce Wayne fights crime at night as Batman and shops at Walmart during the day like the rest of us.

Smuggling A Lion

It looks like a lion has tried to disguise itself as a human, so it no longer has to hunt for food.

More Assistance

While most stores don’t allow people to bring dogs inside, we’re pretty sure they don’t say anything about lizards.

Taking The Plunge

If you are buying a plunger, you really do need to know it works before you take it home.

Food Chain

Who’s going to eat who? Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

This Seems Fishy

Sometimes you’re so hangry you don’t even have time to finish getting ready.

This kid is taking tailgating to the ultimate level.

Be My Valentine?

Not everyone has been lucky enough to get hit by Cupid’s arrow, but don’t worry, he’s coming to a store near you!

Hardware Store

They say blondes have more fun and I guess that true when it comes to shopping too.

Captain Mini Marvel

This young woman found her doppelgänger and it happens to be this Captain Marvel doll with the same smirk and everything.

Llama Ask You A Question

Sometimes when shopping, you need a friend to give you a second opinion even if it’s a llama.

Welcome To Jurassic Mart

Please don’t feed the dinosaurs and remain calm when enjoying your adventure exploring supermarket island.

How To Get That Orange Glow

When most people want a tan, they either go outside and let the sun work its magic, or they fake it by eating way too many cheetos.

I’m Blue Da Ba Dee Da Ba Daa

Blue is the color of all that I wear. Blue are the words I say and what I think. Blue are the feelings that live inside me.

A Gothic Mystery

This girl has come armed with a book and quill looking for inspiration for her latest story in the cracker aisle.

Ghost Of Christmas Ornaments

She is definitely a nightmare before Christmas for all the other shoppers around the store.

A Moral Dilemma

Doritos or Cheetos pick your poison.

Robble Robble

The Hamburglar shopping for some french fries to go with all her stolen cheeseburgers.

Go Big Or Go Home

This incredible cucumber would easily win first prize at the local county fair.

Going Cuckoo

She’s going cuckoo for Coco Pops and Instagram likes.

Mother Of Avocados

Who could resist buying an avocado when there’s a chance that it could hatch a real dragon?

Shopping For Emojis

We can only imagine the look on some people’s faces as they turned down this aisle only to be greeted with these oddly terrifying emojis.

I’m Chiquita Banana

Let me hear you say, this sh@t is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

Just Picking Up The Basics

Who said that just because you’re going to the supermarket means you can’t look great?

The Power Of Vegetables

This woman seems to really understand the need for a healthy, varied, and balanced diet.

Dancing For The Captain

When Captain Crunch is your main man then you need to show him, otherwise he might go looking elsewhere.

Showing Their Support

You might expect to find this collection of girls hanging out at a football game, but they’ve got other plans.

Try Before You Buy

If she was in a comic book store, she probably would have been thrown out by now.

Quit Playing Games

He should have known from the start she has just playin’ games with his heart.

Check For A Reflection

Don’t you just hate it when you go to the store and there’s a vampire shopping in one of the aisles?

Dating Woes

Anyone who has been single for a while might fully understand where these bananas are coming from.

Strike A Pose

This is just a big jar of mayonnaise, and no matter how much the woman wants to pose with it, that’s all it’ll ever be.

Pink Nightmare

Ohhh isn’t that CUTE?!? She looks like a deranged Easter Bunny. It’s a pink nightmare. Are you happy wearing that?

Trick Or Treat

It ain’t easy bein’ Cheetos cheesy.

Dressed To Impress

You never know when you’ll run into the man of your dreams in the frozen section.

Studying The Box

She is studying hard for the big quiz on mini wheats later this week.

Not So Secret Tail

This woman doesn’t appear to be trying to hide anything from anyone, and she is wearing her tail with pride.

Angel On My Shoulder

Good times and good vibes only when shopping for hot wheels.

Mario Shopping Kart

Mario is stocking up his kart with banana peels, coins, thunderbolts, mushrooms, stars and shells to win the Cup Series.

Where’s The Sunscreen?

You can probably guess what she is shopping for.

Who You Gonna Call?

This guy ain’t afraid of no ghost or being embarrassed shopping in public wearing dressed like a Ghostbuster.

Their Real Purpose

Have you ever seen a snowman without a carrot for a nose?

Mardi Gras Madness

This guy is definitely ready to go party hard on Fat Tuesday this year.

Follow The Trail

Please wipe you feet at the door next time.

Top Shelf Service

Sometimes if you want something done right you got to it yourself even if that means climbing to the top.

Delicious Fashion

For Taco Tuesday she dresses like a taco to go shopping for tacos.

Let It Mature First

There is something special about getting boneless chicken. Not having to worry about the bones means you can shovel the food into your mouth quicker, and who doesn’t want that? It looks as though this store is getting a little ahead of itself by selling boneless chicken in the form of an egg.

How To Reach The Top Shelf

Gymnasts are not known for being that tall so going to the store alone can be difficult when it comes to reaching things stored up high. What these gymnasts have realized that together they can reach just about anything in thanks to their ability to form a human ladder.

Doggy Kart

It’s not just cats that people bring to the store though, and this shopper has their own trio of pets escorting them around the supermarket. The only difference is that these dogs are in the shopping cart instead of a stroller, so we don’t know where the person is meant to put their groceries.

Taking Risks

Without risk in life, there is little reward, and this girl is taking a big risk. She has a huge craving for some Cheetos, but she forgot to bring her purse to the store. Her challenge is to somehow eat the entire bag before she gets busted and by the looks of it, she’s done pretty well.

The Adventures Of Space Poodle And Goth Ninja

No one knew we needed this superhero duo until they arrived, and now we can’t imagine life without them. One is an intergalactic poodle while the other hides in the shadows waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Even superheroes need to eat though, and this is them doing a grocery store run for supplies.

Catch Those Zs

Not everyone loves shopping, and sometimes it can really take it out of you. There are so many aisles that basically all look the same, so it’s easy to get turned around and lost. This person has actually been in the store for 15 days already, and they have come to terms with the fact they now live there.

Time For A New Job?

Some people are wasted in the jobs they end up doing after leaving school. This person has managed to make an elegant gown out of nothing more than some toilet paper, and this skill should see them designing clothes for Paris and Milan.

Taking The Turtle For A Walk

We live a fast-paced life these days, but this person makes sure to slow things down every so often. They keep a pet turtle as a reminder to slow down and enjoy life more. Their turtle is also their pet and needs looking after just as much as any other pet would.

Slapstick Shopping

There is always room in life for slapstick comedy, as seeing people hurt themselves or get hit with a custard pie is funny. This guy doesn’t look that happy to have been hit in the face with a custard pie, but we reckon everyone else had a great time.

Essential Reading

Why buy a bunch of magazines you aren’t going to read when you know what you enjoy? This woman figured that once she’s finished reading her copy of Sports Illustrated she might like to read it again, so she bought another copy. Sure she could just read the same one again but this way she gets that new magazine smell all over again. The Wall Street Journal can only look on with envy.

In The Right Section

Technically we humans are made from meat so this person hanging out in the chilled meat section is in the right place. We don’t think anyone is going to confuse them for a steak anytime soon though, and they might be hanging around the chiller for a while.

Try Before You Buy

How are you supposed to know if the plunger you’re thinking of buying is any good? You have to try it before you buy it, but you aren’t going to go to the restroom to give it a test.

Hanging Out By The Meat

What better place to hang out at the grocery store than the meat chiller? Not only will you be freezing cold, but there’s also the faint smell of flesh in the air. That doesn’t seem to be a problem for these women as they look to be having a blast hanging out in a shopping cart by the meat.

There When You Need Them

Stores have become places for us to depend on as we often go there at all hours of the day. Luckily for the customers of this store they are always open no matter what day. Someone here seems to have been working their shift a little too long and could do with taking a break.

Fixing A Problem

This guy had never heard of belts before, which is why his pants were so close to his ankles. Then one day someone told him belts could help keep his pants at a practical height, and he didn’t believe them. This is the moment he finally spotted belts with his own two eyes.

Nasty Surprise

When cowboys were out sleeping in the desert, one thing they always had to check before putting their boots on was that no snakes had slithered inside them. Whoever picks up these cowboy boots at this store will have a nasty surprise waiting for them in the form of a pre-filled and smelly diaper.


Public displays of affection should be kept to a minimum, but some people can’t help getting over-familiar with their loved ones. This guy spotted the couple in the store making out and decided he’d had enough of their passionate embrace for one day. What better way to show someone you don’t approve of their actions than leaping over them?


What goes up must come down, and this airborne bean bag is heading straight for the guy in the shopping cart. It looks as though the guy having a great time riding the cart like a scooter is about to have his world turned upside down.

Pick Up A Grandma

It is really sad whenever you lose your grandma, but this store is offering people the chance to get a new one to replace the one no longer here. Your grandma is the one person whose sole purpose in life is to feed you as much as possible.


The game is never over for some video game characters, and when this guy isn’t busy shooting hostile aliens he’s just going about his life like everyone else. Luckily for him, the supermarket is a respawn point so anytime they get shot in the game they can come to the store and get some food.

Work With What You’ve Got

Male pattern baldness affects more people in the world than is necessary, depriving guys of their full heads of hair sometimes before they hit 30. This guy hasn’t got much hair left to work with, but that won’t stop him from expressing himself through his hairstyle.

A Fair Request

Babies are super cute, and pretty much everyone loves having some cuddles with a newborn. It can make shopping pretty stressful for a new mother though, as every time she goes to pick up something from the shelf someone is touching her baby.

Parent And Kids

If you go to the supermarket or grocery store, you will likely come across at least one parent with their children. This woman was pushing her children around the store in a stroller, and when people lent in for a closer look, they got a shock.

Practice, Practice, Practice

No matter what you want to get better at in life, there is one thing you must do over and over again. Practice. This store clerk wants to moonlight as a contortionist but is struggling to find the time to fit in some practice sessions.

Taking A Break

This shopper has had enough of the endless rows of products and just needs to take a nap. They’ve set up camp near the food as they might need a little snack later on.We reckon they could have chosen a better place to sleep than the chilled section as they are definitely going to get cold lying there.

Never Too Old

People are never too old to have fun as this happy couple are proving. Why walk when you can get your husband to push you along on the cart like you’re a child once again? Life is for living, and this couple’s secret to a long and happy life is to make sure they do things like this to keep them young.

Assisted Shopping

When you go to the supermarket on your own it can be a pretty boring experience, so it’s always better to bring a friend along. This guy could have brought his human friends along to shop, but would they really be as much fun as his lizard?

That’s Commitment

Sometimes the one thing you want from the store is in the most inconvenient place. You could spend the next five minutes trying to find a clerk to help you, or you could get what you want yourself. This lady wanted some ice cream, but it looks like everyone else did too.

Even Stars Need Groceries

Superstars wouldn’t get where they are in life without groceries to give them the energy to put on a show. Taylor Swift was spotted in the grocery store, and it looks like she has got great taste when it comes to sweet treats. She is getting ready to put some brownie mix into her basket, but it looks like she’s spoiled for choice.

Starstruck By Ice Cream

Even celebrity Rose Byrne get excited about stocking up on their favorite ice cream when it’s on sale. Can you blame her? It looks like the Bridemaids actress can’t waiting to get home for Netflix & chill with her yummy goodness.

Superstar Supermarket

The supermarket is where most regular people buy their groceries and stuff. You don’t expect a supermodel and her famous friends to be browsing the aisles of a store, but here is Cara Delevingne and friends doing just that. It looks like they’ve filled their cart and are ready to join the line.

Unexpected Item

Whenever you step foot in the supermarket your shopping plan goes out the window, and you know you’re buying more than you were meant to. It’s the store’s fault really for stacking their shelves with so many treats. These girls went shopping for cereal but ended up with a new roommate after picking her up and throwing her into the cart.

Found Where She Belongs

It seems as though this girl was made for the candy aisle thanks to her love of pink, blue, and bubblegum. She has even found some candy that wouldn’t look out of place on her shirt; that’s how much she belongs.

A Modern Diet

You really can never have enough breakfast cereal, so this woman is making sure she stocks up in case she gets a real craving for it. One box won’t do though, and she’s going to need to keep a whole bunch of them in her kitchen to cover all food-related emergencies.