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Biggest Stereotype About Each State



While these states may all be connected to each other in one way or another, they couldn’t be further apart in their differences. From their food to their fashion and everything in between, these differences have led to some pretty hilarious stereotypes about each state.
However, how true are these stereotypes really? What does your state say about you?


It might not look like any other speedboat we’ve ever seen, but this Alabama native has invented his very own mode of transport using a few wooden planks, a deck chair, and a car battery.


If you live in Alaska then it’s probably not other cars that you’re going to be worried about during your morning commute. These guys love nothing more than climbing over the fences and into the road.


Thankfully, they do have measures in place to prevent forest fires, but they better not even think of breaking wind in the forest. There are rules, y’know.


Ahhh, hunting! There’s nothing an Arkansas native loves more, although chilling in their hot tub certainly comes close. This guy is obviously at the pinnacle of life and has got it all sorted out.


This guy was probably on his way to catch the last waves of the day when this disaster happened. It’s okay, though. He’s so chill about the whole situation he doesn’t even care. So gnarly.


This state has fresh air in abundance, because it’s full to the brim with mountain ranges – including the famous Rockies! There are no designer purses or cell phones because they prefer to get fashionable with their handstands on high peaks.


If you’ve ever wondered why the people in Connecticut are so rich, it’s because they know how to work their angles. You wanna throw rocks in the water or at the seagulls? That’ll cost you 50 cents each…plus tax.


People don’t travel all the way to Delaware to confirm that it was one of the original colonies to sign the American constitution. They travel to Delaware to take advantage of the tax-free shopping. Oh, yes.


We have a feeling that this man is a hardcore Gator fan. If you were wondering how we knew this, you might want to check out the T-Bone tattoo on his arm.


This state is one of the largest producers of peaches in the United States, and it seems as though they sure do love their fruits. They love them so much they don’t even care if they spell the name right or not.


They do have to be pretty careful as they go about their day. All of these little islands have been formed by volcanic eruptions over the years, and those volcanoes haven’t just said “aloha” and bounced.


When people make their way to Idaho without doing their research beforehand, they might squeal a little to themselves when they realize that they can get to the Yellowstone National Park from this state.


You’ll have to share the roads with giant SWAT vehicles like this one. Known for its rather unfortunate crime rates, Chicago is teeming with a police presence, so that those who do the crime also do the time. Yikes.


Sherrill really should have had another look over her sign before showing it to the world.


In this state, it’s bizarre to see a street full of houses. A street full of cornfields and carrots is more up their alley, but they might throw a soda vending machine in the mix if they’re feeling a little fancy.


This state is known for its tornadoes and its storms, so you might want to remember a jacket.


They obviously spend so much time making sure their chicken is perfect they don’t seem to mind that their spelling is a ‘little’ off.


The people of Louisiana are so used to living on their swampland that they have come to see their reptilian neighbors as their friends.


All you need is a small sheet of ice that looks perilously thin, a plastic chair that could snap at any moment, a heavy crate of beer that is definitely too thin for the ice, and a fishing rod to finish it all off.


Statistically, the people of Maryland aren’t so hot on their driving skills, and it’s not uncommon to see scenes like this around the area. Maybe it’s best to walk.


It seems as though the people of Massachusetts have gone one step further with their dialect. After all, how else are you supposed to know that there’s a wicked stawm comin’?


When the first call of hunting season makes its way into the Michigan air, these guys throw on their warmest jackets, grab their favorite shooter, and head out into the wilderness.


While this sign states that Minnesota is the Sunshine State, we have a feeling that the people of Minnesota would argue that this just isn’t the case.


Are you hungry yet? Well, if you stare at this long enough, you might find a little bit of drool running down your chin. Known as the ‘Hospitality State,’ a trip to Mississippi is like a trip to your grandma’s house.


Who doesn’t want a monster truck on their driveway? It seems as though the people of Missouri learn this love from a young age because they make their way to school in these monster school buses.


With the likes of bears, wolves, and coyotes roaming about the place, it’s always best to have eyes in the back of your head. But if that’s not up your street you could always get in a hot tub with a bear instead.


Want a bowl of warming corn chowder? Follow the smell and you’ll be chowing it down in no time. Once you’re done, you can relieve yourself in this makeshift rest area.


Known as the playground for the American people, this is the place where anything goes. However, if you do find yourself living the dream in Vegas, you need to make sure you never come across a lobster.

New Hampshire

Without any sales or income tax, these guys can take advantage of their money. However, signs like this aren’t uncommon in the state of New Hampshire. In fact, 93% of the population is white.

New Jersey

With their orange tans, their frosted tips, their penchant for drinks, and their questionable dance moves, the people of Jersey Shore certainly stand out from the crowd.

New Mexico

Their motto is that “If it doesn’t scrape the pavement, it’s not a lowrider.” These people love to show off their lowriders and even have their own designated parking spots.

New York

New York can be known for its delicious pizza and the rats that reside within the subway systems. You’ve even seen a rat trolling down the street with a slice of pizza in his mouth.

North Carolina

We’re going to ignore the fact that this is one of the most ironic spelling mistakes in history and pretend that the people of North Carolina love their schooling instead.

North Dakota

They do play ice hockey, but they like to spice things up a bit, by incorporating guns into the mix.


There’s a time and a place for everything, but we don’t think the people of Ohio recognize this. Sure, they’re lovely people who have the biggest hearts in the country, but they also don’t pick up on social cues.


The real piece de resistance of this state is the fact that these people just love their food and drink. It’s not uncommon to see kegs strewn around the place, and they really are used for anything.


As one of the most hipster-populated places in the United States, nobody bats an eyelid when you don a blanket and a typewriter on public transport.


The Amish largely live in the past in terms of their morals and their way of life, but they haven’t been able to avoid modern life completely. After all, who could deny themselves a pair of rollerblades?

Rhode Island

While the likes of fish and lobsters are known to be incredibly tasty, it seems as though the lobsters of Rhode Island are a little fed up of being the dish of the day.

South Carolina

While this doesn’t represent the whole state of South Carolina, this really is something that happened. And who said women can’t triple task? With a beer and gun in her hand, she still has a hand free to carry her son.

South Dakota

Yes, while this sign warns people of the prairie dogs, it should also say something about the giant bison that is standing beside it. South Dakota is known for opening up its arms to visitors.


The people of Tennessee love their sports, and they are particularly fond of their college football team. Because of this, they don’t miss a single opportunity to show their team spirit.


As proud Americans, the people of Texas will always welcome you with open arms. At least, they will do so until you insult their country or their state. Then they’re not so friendly…


While polygamy isn’t as common as it used to be, there are still many men who have multiple wives to his name. Well, whatever floats your boat.


Moose have also made the Green Mountain State their habitat, and they love to truly make themselves at home.


These people are obsessed with history, and they are particularly interested in the American history that forged the state they know and love today.


Sure, this state has cool scenery and even cooler people, but it’s also home to the legend of the Sasquatch. Yes, most of the people who live in this state are obsessed with Bigfoot.

West Virginia

The residents embrace the wild outdoors, and they spend more time in the mountains than they do with other people. Because of this, they’re not too fussed on their appearance.


These residents are prepared for all types of weather by making these impressive inventions and rolling around town. We’re not sure what to call this contraption.


Turns out there’s another use of having bison and deer all over the place. The plates in Wyoming are always full to the brim, and that’s always good after exploring Yellowstone National Park.