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Things You Should Never Buy At Walmart



For years, we’ve been told that Walmart is the ultimate destination for budget shopping. However, it’s important to do a little research before assuming that it always has the lowest prices. While we may often assume that Walmart is cheaper than its competitors, other retailers such as Aldi, Costco, and Sam’s Club actually offer lower prices on many items. It’s worth noting that high prices aren’t the only potential issue with shopping at Walmart.
While some of their products are reasonably priced and of decent quality, others may not be worth the money at all. While Walmart does excel in certain areas, such as their affordable and high-quality toilet paper, there are plenty of other items that are better purchased elsewhere. In fact, we’ve compiled a list of 50 items that you may want to avoid purchasing at Walmart altogether.


Walmart offers a range of laptops, including low-priced no-name models that may not last long and have difficulty running modern software. These low-end models may be priced under $200 but lack advanced features and gaming capabilities. Walmart also offers name-brand laptops, but they tend to be overpriced, costing up to $500 or more. Shopping around at other retailers like Amazon or Best Buy may provide better deals on laptops, rather than relying solely on Walmart for the lowest prices.

Pet Food

Buying pet food in bulk is a good option, as it is often more economical. Walmart offers smaller portions at a higher price, so it’s best to look for bulk options. Amazon also provides more economical options when buying larger bags. It’s important to pay attention to the ingredients in pet food, as many options in stores may not be very healthy. Checking online for healthier options, without necessarily choosing name-brand products, is a good idea. Consulting with a veterinarian about which brand would be best for your pet is also recommended, with high-protein and low-filler options being a good general rule.


Batteries are mostly the same, and there’s no significant difference between brands like Energizer and Duracell. Walmart offers batteries at a higher price compared to stores like Costco or Sam’s Club. However, buying store-brand batteries or opting for Amazon Basics batteries is a good option to save money. Amazon Basics batteries are economical and last a long time, making them a good choice for families with multiple devices or toys that require batteries. The subscribe and save option can also provide additional savings.

”Fresh” Fruit

Fresh fruit at Walmart is often not as fresh as expected and may sometimes have gnats or be rotten. Although washing the fruit may help, there’s no saving fruit that’s already rotten or squishy. Leaving produce in the fridge is a better option than leaving it out. Walmart also has a limited selection of fruit, so if you’re looking for something other than apples and oranges, you might not find it there. For instance, Walmart may not have limes, which can be disappointing if you’re planning to make tacos or margaritas.

Gift Cards

Gift cards that are displayed on racks in stores are vulnerable to tampering. Criminals can write down the card numbers, wait for them to be activated, and use the numbers to make unauthorized purchases. This type of scam has been happening for years and can occur in any store. To stay safe, it’s best to avoid purchasing gift cards from in-store displays and instead order them online. If you’re particularly concerned (which is understandable), consider giving cash instead. Cash is always a safe bet and is a universally appreciated gift.


Cheap and high-quality are hard to come by, and Walmart’s fish falls under the former category. With a focus on affordability, Walmart’s fish is low-quality, potentially expired, and even carries the risk of worms. It’s best to steer clear of Walmart’s fish and instead opt for fresh or frozen options from higher-quality stores. If you must buy fish from Walmart, canned tuna is the safest option as it has a long shelf life and is less likely to cause foodborne illnesses.


Walmart’s furniture is not worth buying as it is cheaply made of compressed wood that can barely handle screws, and it’s like low-end IKEA furniture. The furniture is a game of “Is this going to break?” Russian roulette every time you use it and is not worth the time it takes to put together. Even worse, it may not be able to hold anything heavy. The only reason to get Walmart furniture is if you’re a real estate agent who needs some fake furniture for staging. In summary, Walmart furniture is not recommended.

Brand Name Diapers

Brand-name diapers are the same in quality no matter where you buy them, so the only difference between buying Huggies at Walmart versus online is the price. Buying diapers at Walmart is more expensive and less cost-effective because they sell smaller package sizes, meaning you’ll have to make several trips per month. Amazon has the lowest price and buying in bulk saves money, while Costco offers great value for money with their Kirkland Signature diapers that hold in more and prevent leaks better than other brands.


If you’re a magazine collector, it’s best to avoid buying from Walmart as they charge high prices for last month’s issues that have been handled by many people. A newsstand is a better option as the publishing company may offer sales on magazines, allowing you to save up to 50%. Getting a subscription can also save you money, with deals like 50 issues for $20 available if you purchase at the right time. Alternatively, depending on the magazine, you can read the information online for free and save 100%.

Organic Products

While organic products tend to cost more than their non-organic counterparts, Walmart’s price markup for organic items is even higher than other stores, making it difficult to maintain a tight budget. If you’re looking to save money and avoid Walmart, consider checking out other stores for organic products. However, it’s important to remember that organic isn’t always better. While you may prefer the taste, GMO products can sometimes be just as good, if not better, and cheaper. Additionally, there’s a common misconception that organic produce is completely pesticide-free, but farmers still use pesticides to protect the fruits and vegetables from insects.

Rotisserie Chicken

Although Walmart is also a place to purchase rotisserie chicken, Costco is the clear winner when it comes to quality and quantity. Although both stores sell the chicken for roughly $5, Costco’s rotisserie chicken weighs in at an average of four to five pounds, while Walmart’s is limited to three pounds. Furthermore, many consumers complain about Walmart’s chicken being too salty and having an unpleasant taste, making Costco the preferred choice for many chicken lovers.

Generic Cereal

While generic brands can be a great way to save money while grocery shopping, Walmart’s Great Value cereals are not one of those items you want to purchase. Although they may be cheaper than brand name cereals, the taste and quality are often disappointing, as many consumers and researchers have noted. Therefore, it’s worth spending a little extra money on a better quality cereal instead of settling for Walmart’s generic brand.


While the nuts at Walmart aren’t necessarily low-quality, it can be challenging to find poor-quality nuts unless they’ve been on the shelves for a long time. Walmart is a suitable option for commonly used nuts like almonds, but it’s not the best choice if you consume a lot of nuts. Purchasing nuts in bulk from other grocery stores can often provide better deals, and they don’t spoil quickly, so it’s worth loading up. For pistachios, a popular choice for many, buying from wholesale retailers like Costco or Sam’s Club can provide a large enough bag to feed a family for a month.

Ground Beef

Walmart’s ground beef has been criticized for its quality, with reports claiming that it is of lower quality than other stores due to being prepackaged at a plant rather than being ground and packaged in-store. Reviews suggest that the meat can be extremely fatty and rubbery and takes a long time to break down. Additionally, Walmart’s ground beef is more expensive than it is at some other stores. It is recommended to shop around for the best prices and not expect quality for the money spent.


Although we’re guilty of being thrifty with our bedding purchases, it’s truly worth spending more money for higher quality sheets. Have you ever bought sheets from Walmart that didn’t live up to their advertised luxury level? It turns out that you were correct. While you might be able to find inexpensive sheets, you’ll receive precisely what you pay for. According to Consumer Reports, Walmart’s bedding is of lower quality than that of other retailers such as TJ Maxx and Target. If you want long-lasting sheets that will save you money in the long run, shop carefully and read reviews.

Name Brand Soup

Name brand soups are often the same as their off-brand or Walmart counterparts but at a significantly lower cost. While it may be tempting to reach for the familiar label of Campbell’s soup, the Great Value option is essentially identical with only a different outer label. It’s worth comparing the labels as in some cases, both products may be made in the same factory but with different branding, and the name brand may be double the cost. Therefore, opting for the Great Value option can save money without sacrificing quality.

Organic Milk

Walmart offers high-quality organic milk options, but shoppers should consider the cost before purchasing. Although the store is known for its affordability, organic milk at Walmart may be pricier than at other locations. In addition to organic milk’s inherent higher price point, Walmart adds extra costs. According to a study, Walmart’s organic milk prices were up to thirty cents higher on average compared to other grocery stores such as Aldi or Trader Joe’s. Therefore, shoppers should weigh the benefits of organic milk against its cost before buying from Walmart.

Great Value Toilet Paper

Walmart offers reasonably priced name-brand toilet paper, but their Great Value generic option is a different story. While it may save money, consumers may find the quality of the toilet paper disappointing. In fact, Consumer Reports ranked Great Value toilet paper as the worst among all toilet paper brands available at Walmart, with a score of only nine out of 100 points. Consumers reported issues with comfort and potential plumbing problems upon flushing. Therefore, shoppers should consider the quality before choosing Great Value toilet paper from Walmart.


While the off-brand soda at Walmart, Great Value, is reasonably priced at $3 for a fridge pack, name-brand soda can be expensive at $6 or $7. Other stores often have sales on soda, making it more affordable to buy in bulk. Instead of shopping at Walmart, it’s a good idea to check other stores’ apps for deals. Kroger or Kings may have sales like four for $12, while Walgreens is also a great place to look for affordable soda options.

Video Games

Digital purchases are becoming the preferred way of buying video games as the market takes a strange turn. New releases and older titles are constantly on sale, making digital the best way to stay on top of your game collection. If you still want a physical copy, check out local game stores for used options that are usually at least $5 cheaper than new copies. Walmart isn’t the best place to look for deals on new games, except for certain Nintendo titles at specific times. Instead, you’ll want to check out retailers like Best Buy and Target, especially during Black Friday. Amazon can also offer deals, but shipping costs should be considered.

Snack Foods

If you’re a snack food lover, Walmart can offer some decent prices, but you’re not getting the best deal there or at any similar store. To save some money, consider trying a different place, like the dollar store. While dollar stores may not be the best for high-quality or reasonably priced goods, they excel in the world of snack food. You’ll find a wide selection of full-sized, name-brand products that are often cheaper than Walmart, selling for just one dollar.


If you’re in need of a disposable camera for a quick family vacation snap, Walmart can provide that. But if you’re in the market for a more advanced camera with specific features, Walmart may not be the best option. Expert advice is crucial when it comes to finding the right camera for your needs. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find knowledgeable employees in Walmart’s electronics department who can provide useful information about cameras. Alternatively, if you’re not too concerned about camera quality, you can always stick to using your cellphone.

Maple Syrup

For the ultimate pancake or waffle experience, it’s best to avoid buying maple syrup at Walmart as other grocery stores offer higher quality and cheaper options. If you don’t indulge in pancakes or waffles frequently, purchasing quality, real maple syrup will enhance your breakfast experience. Costco offers a decent maple syrup that is triple the size of Walmart’s, making it more economical. However, if you’re on the hunt for a lousy, high-fructose maple syrup knock-off, Walmart has plenty of options, although they come at a steep price. Opt for a grocery store knock-off “pancake syrup” instead, which is more affordable and just as satisfying for drowning your waffles in.

Straight Talk

Straight Talk is notorious for providing terrible customer service, making it one of the worst cellular providers out there. While they do use major company towers, the real issue is their subpar service and difficulty in resolving problems. Customers often end up being charged more than what was initially quoted, adding to the frustration. The main selling point of Straight Talk is their no-plans, no-contract option, but if budget is a concern, there are better options out there. If you do opt for a plan to save money, it’s worth considering if you could get a better deal and phone from a major carrier instead.


If you’re in the market for inexpensive, disposable jewelry, then Walmart has you covered. However, if you’re looking for something more expensive that will last, Walmart isn’t the best option. Their priciest offerings are still under $1,000 and likely won’t withstand the test of time. You won’t find high-quality diamonds or gold at Walmart, and you also won’t receive the same benefits that come with shopping at a jewelry store.

Store-Brand Supplements

It’s important to be consistent when taking supplements, but unfortunately, studies have shown that Walmart’s store-brand supplements have inconsistent amounts of vitamins and minerals. This can negatively impact your health, so it’s best to steer clear of Walmart’s supplements. If you need to take vitamins, make sure you take the right ones that have the best possible ingredients and the right levels of vitamins. Not all vitamins are equal, so do your research before buying any supplements. It’s always best to consult with your doctor if you’re thinking of incorporating them into your diet. They can recommend high-quality vitamins that will work wonders for your health.


If your kid only spends a short time playing with a new toy, it might be wise to consider buying used toys to save money. Walmart isn’t the ideal place to buy toys, as they often inflate the prices, even for older toys. However, if it’s a must-have new toy, consider shopping online. You could avoid the hassle of Black Friday crowds and buy it from the comfort of your own home. Compare prices from various online retailers, and you may even be able to get more value for your money, making you the hero in your child’s eyes.

Vanilla Extract

If you want to purchase high-quality vanilla extract, it’s best to avoid Walmart and check out local bodegas or other grocery stores, where you can find pure vanilla extract at a lower price that lasts longer. However, it’s worth considering whether you need to buy vanilla extract at all, as it can be expensive even at Costco. Making your own vanilla extract is a more economical option, requiring only a bottle of vodka and some vanilla beans, which can produce a lot of extract. While the vanilla beans themselves can be pricey, you ultimately get more vanilla extract for your money.

High-End Perfume

Although Walmart may not initially come to mind when thinking of high-end perfumes or luxury fragrances, their website may surprise you with its range of expensive options. However, despite their selection, purchasing fragrance from may not be the best option for your wallet. In fact, research shows that some perfumes are listed for up to double the price compared to other retailers. For example, one fragrance listed on Walmart’s website for over $600 was available for only about $300 on other websites.

Gift Bags

Why spend a lot of money on gift bags when you can get them for cheap at your local dollar store? Gift bags are like wrapping paper in that they’re often used only once, so it’s not worth breaking the bank for them. The dollar store offers bags that are just as good as the expensive ones, but at a fraction of the cost. While their durability may not be the best, it doesn’t really matter unless you plan on reusing them. Don’t waste your money on overpriced gift bags when you can get them for a steal at the dollar store.

Small Kitchen Appliances

Buying small kitchen appliances online can be a wise decision for several reasons. First and foremost, it is often significantly cheaper than purchasing in-store. For example, a toaster oven with more than one slot can be bought for as low as $20 online. Secondly, online shopping offers more variety, allowing you to find the appliance that matches your budget and personal style. Moreover, online retailers often offer better quality products, as well as better return policies than physical stores. While Walmart may have limited options and higher prices, shopping online allows you to find exactly what you’re looking for without breaking the bank.


While Walmart tires are not necessarily bad, it’s not the best place to shop for them. Other stores often offer better benefits, like Costco’s free tire balancing and rotations. Therefore, it’s important to shop around and weigh your options when purchasing tires. Online shopping can provide you with the lowest possible price and the convenience of having the tires delivered to your preferred mechanic. Additionally, some retailers may need to order your desired tires, which means you’ll have to wait regardless, so why not get a better deal in the process?


When it comes to buying a new TV, it’s important to consider that Walmart offers both low-quality off-brands and high-end name-brand options like Samsung, but they may be pricier than other stores. While a cheap TV may seem like a good deal, it likely won’t last long, and a low-end 4K TV might not even be an improvement over your old TV. Instead, it’s best to wait for a good sale and research different brands and models before making a purchase. Check reviews to ensure you’re getting a quality product, and familiarize yourself with any specifications or terms related to the TV you’re interested in. In short, always make informed decisions when investing in a new TV.

Wrapping Paper

Paying a premium for wrapping paper at Walmart is unnecessary since it will end up in the trash immediately after use. Opting for cheaper, low-quality paper might even be a welcomed choice by your gift recipients. Rather than overspending on high-end wrapping paper, try visiting a dollar store where there are plenty of options available at a fraction of the cost. Although the paper may be thin and delicate, it can be easier to wrap with and create a neater finish. There is also a variety of patterns to choose from. With the low cost of the paper, you can afford to make multiple attempts at wrapping your gift until it looks perfect.


While some people may browse the book section at Walmart, the selection is not great compared to other options. Local bookshops and Barnes and Noble offer a wider selection of titles and the opportunity to find deals on used books. Plus, there is something special about the new book smell that Walmart simply can’t offer. Shopping at these alternative locations allows for a more comfortable browsing experience without worrying about crowds. So, if you’re a book lover, it’s worth taking the time to explore your options beyond Walmart.

Printer Ink

Printer ink can be quite expensive, and Walmart is no exception. In fact, some consider it to be a place with outrageous profit margins for ink. If you’re looking for a good deal on printer ink, it’s best to avoid Walmart and consider shopping around online instead. You can often find coupon codes that can lower the price further, and you may also be able to find decent quality off-brand printer ink at a lower price. However, it’s important to read reviews carefully to make sure you’re getting a reliable product.

Large Appliances

When it comes to large appliances, Walmart’s low-price reputation doesn’t hold up. In fact, their prices can be on the higher side. Don’t overspend on the appliances you need. Instead, take the time to shop around and find the best deals. There are plenty of online options for purchasing large appliances that won’t break the bank. By searching for specific brands and models, you can easily compare prices and options. Even if Walmart has the appliance you’re looking for, it’s better to look elsewhere for a better deal. Buying online often comes with the added bonus of free delivery, making it a convenient and cost-effective option.

Greeting Cards

We often hope that the cards we give will be cherished, but the reality is that they usually end up in the trash. That’s why it’s better to buy cards from the dollar store, where you can find affordable options. After all, it’s the message inside that counts, not the fancy design on the front. Taking a few extra minutes to write a heartfelt note will mean more to the recipient than any expensive card from a big brand. In fact, a personalized message can make a significant impact on someone’s day. It shows that you care enough to put in the effort to craft a thoughtful message, rather than just picking out a card off the shelf.


Buying physical music like CDs is considered outdated, so it’s best to avoid purchasing them at Walmart. Instead, support your local record store where you can find a wider selection of music, including vinyl records. CDs may still be available, but it’s recommended to go all-digital. Moreover, it’s been reported that Walmart sells edited versions of CDs without clear labeling, making it even more reason to avoid purchasing music there. To be safe, buy your music at a record store or online.

Photo Printing

In the past, Walmart was the go-to place for printing photos, but with the rise of digital photography, it’s become less convenient to print pictures from your phone there. Nowadays, it’s much easier to use online photo printing services like Shutterfly. These services let you choose the pictures you want and print them without ever leaving your house. Plus, you can often find coupon codes to save money on your order. Alternatively, you can invest in a digital photo frame, which is a much cheaper way to display your favorite pictures.

Disposable Utensils

If you’re planning a family reunion or any event that requires disposable utensils, avoid buying them at Walmart. While the quality might be fine, you’ll end up paying twice as much as you would at the dollar store. Instead, consider purchasing them at Costco or Sam’s Club, where you can buy them in bulk and potentially last for an entire year. Since people will toss them in the trash, there’s no need to spend top dollar. Dollar Tree or Dollar General are also great options for purchasing disposable utensils at a low cost, typically only costing a dollar or slightly more.


The best time to buy a vacuum at Walmart is during Black Friday when they offer discounts that reflect their true value. However, outside of this sale, Walmart’s vacuums are generally overpriced, and it’s better to purchase online for pickup or delivery to avoid crowds. While there are some inexpensive options available, it’s important to keep in mind that with vacuums, you get what you pay for. Low-cost vacuums usually have poor quality and won’t last long, ultimately costing you more money in the long run. Walmart offers many cheap vacuums, but they are often of poor quality.


Drones have gained immense popularity among consumers, and retailers have taken notice by stocking them. However, if you are in the market for one, it’s important to be cautious about where you buy it. Walmart may have a selection of drones, but for better deals and more information on products, it’s recommended to purchase from an electronic store or online. The quality of drones at Walmart may not be up to par, and prices may not be competitive. To find the perfect drone for yourself or as a gift, it’s advisable to shop around online at retailers like Best Buy, Amazon, and Home Depot. Prices range from under $100 to as much as $1,000, depending on the desired features.

Phone Accessories

When it comes to phone accessories, Walmart’s prices are notoriously high and the quality of their products is often questionable. While there may be some deals to be found online, relying on a charging cable from Walmart is a risk. Instead, consider shopping for phone accessories during sales at your carrier or brand’s store, or checking the clearance section at Walmart. However, to ensure compatibility and quality, it’s best to go directly to trusted sources such as Apple, Samsung, or Amazon.

Camping Supplies

While Walmart’s supercenters typically have a decent garden section, their selection of outdoor supplies, such as camping gear, can be quite limited. If you’re in a pinch and need to purchase camping gear last-minute, Walmart may be a viable option, but it’s worth exploring other retailers if you have the time. Walmart’s limited selection can lead to overpaying for items that may not even be suitable for your needs. Consider shopping at specialty outdoor stores like REI, Dick’s Sporting Goods, or Bass Pro Shops for better deals on high-quality camping gear. Investing in better gear is worth the extra money unless you rarely go camping.


Walmart’s arts and crafts section is notorious for its limited selection and low-quality products, which are often overpriced. While it may suffice for entertaining kids or completing school projects, serious artists would be better off looking elsewhere. Investing in high-quality paints and materials is crucial for creating lasting works of art. Using cheap and inferior canvases will only undermine the hard work and skills that go into making a masterpiece. Therefore, it’s advisable to source your supplies from reputable art stores or online retailers that offer a wide variety of products within your budget. By doing so, you can ensure that your artwork is of the highest quality and will endure the test of time.

Wood Products

Don’t expect to find high-quality furniture at Walmart, especially when it comes to wooden items. Most of their products are made from particleboard and lack any effort to enhance their appearance. Unlike IKEA, which may offer affordable yet stylish wooden furniture, Walmart’s plywood bookshelves, for instance, are often cheap-looking and unsophisticated. So, if you’re looking for furniture that is both durable and aesthetically pleasing, it’s best to explore other options beyond Walmart.


Walmart’s dinnerware selection is generally subpar, with no regard for cost or quality. Their plates, glasses, and silverware are often mediocre at best, failing to meet expectations. If you’re seeking the cheapest dinnerware and don’t mind the lack of quality, there are other options available, such as Dollar Tree or Dollar General. However, if you prioritize quality over cost, Walmart won’t satisfy your needs. None of the dinnerware you purchase from there is built to last or made with care. Therefore, it’s best to consider other retailers that specialize in high-quality dinnerware.


While it is possible to find satisfactory shoes at Walmart, it’s important to keep your expectations in check. Walmart isn’t the destination for well-crafted, high-quality footwear, but rather for quick solutions when in a bind. Even with proper care, Walmart’s shoes aren’t built to last. If you don’t mind buying inexpensive shoes frequently, Walmart has a vast selection to choose from. However, if you’re seeking long-lasting and durable shoes, you’ll need to explore other options. It’s best to look elsewhere if you require a more substantial and reliable pair of shoes.


Walmart’s swimsuit selection, like its clothing line, doesn’t offer high-quality products. From the materials used to the construction and fit, Walmart falls short of being the go-to destination for finding the ultimate swimsuit. Moreover, it’s not the only reason why you might want to think twice about purchasing from Walmart. As summer approaches, it’s common for stores to hike up their swimsuit prices. However, according to a recent study, Walmart increased its swimsuit prices more than other comparable retailers. This means that you’ll be paying a premium for a swimsuit that may not even last you through the season. Therefore, it’s advisable to consider other retailers that offer better quality and value for your money when searching for your perfect swimsuit.