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How To Get Cheap Auto Insurance



Car insurance is a competitive market, but with a few best practices, you can save yourself an enormous amount of money, and effectively relieve yourself of some stress in the process. Everyone needs insurance, but not everyone realizes how simple it can be to find lower rates than the mainstream competitors, especially when they’re tailored to your lifestyle in your local market. Here’s 5 essential tips that are guaranteed to bring your auto insurance payment down, then get your own personalized quote below!

1. Keep Travel Under 50 Miles A Day

For insurers, the less you’re on the road, the better. This is for a multitude of reasons, including limiting driving times and distance, which put wear and tear on your car, and increased risk for accidents. To put it simply, the less you’re forced to use your car, the more you save. Driving less than 1,500 miles a month is a great way to show the insurance company you’re not permitting your car to harsh conditions or reducing it’s value too quickly.