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Funniest NFL Fan Signs Seen At Games



Fans are the most important part of all sports, and without them, there would be no atmosphere! Football is the most popular sport in America and has some of the most passionate supporters in the world.
Some fans are loud and boisterous, and will do pretty much anything to try and give their team an advantage. Bringing signs to a football game is an age-old tradition and is something that helps make the sport as well-loved as it is. All’s fair in love and sport, and these are the funniest signs ever spotted in the stands at NFL games.

Mom Spitting Fire

This mother is not afraid of keeping it real when it comes to supporting her team. She doesn’t care who she offends, she is going to let the Seahawks fans know what’s on her mind.

Looking Back At Better Times

These fans want to remember the good old days and are letting everyone know just how long they had been suffering while following their team. The Bills finally made the playoffs in 2017, ending almost 20 years of hurt.

At Least There’s A Bowl Involved

Your team isn’t good enough to make it to the Super Bowl, but at least one player is going to represent you at the Pro Bowl. In sports, you take whatever victories you can get, no matter what they are.

Eating Like A King

Tom Brady was in town, and Eagles fans were trying their best to intimidate him in any way. Eagles are birds of prey, and these fans were ready to feast on the quarterback.

Braving The Cold

If you’re cold in the stands then you just aren’t supporting your team hard enough, you’ve got to get involved. These girls made sure that they were the rowdiest fans in attendance by wearing hardly anything.

The Last Laugh

Whoever ‘she’ is, she must have been laughing hysterically at this guy as her beloved Eagles finally won a Super Bowl in 2018. No longer can supporters make signs like this as Eagles fan just have to point them to recent history.

The GOAT, Roger Goodell?

Tom Brady is the greatest of all time for some football fans, but one guy who isn’t is Roger. These fans are using their sign making skills to get into Goodell’s head as much as possible.

Always Good To Have A Backup Plan

This fan knew the chances of her team winning were not great, so she stashed a backup sign just incase her hunch was right. At least she’s looking on the bright side of things and knows there is always next year to turn things around.

Punxsutawney Phil For The Win

This fan has used clever wordplay to predict the future. That is Punxsutawney Phil, and he’s helping this fan make their point that the Philadelphia Eagles were going to shock the world and finally win their first Super Bowl.

It Could Be Worse

This homeless Philadelphia fan can still see the funny side of life as her city came alive when the Eagles beat the Patriots to win the Super Bowl.

Winning Isn’t Everything

His team might have started the season with a 3-1 winning record, but that didn’t stop this fan wanting the head coach to be fired. Eventually, he would get his wish, and coach Fisher was relieved of his duties in due course.

Selling Him Down The River

She might love the guy she’s with, even if she’s pretending she doesn’t know him, but if Aaron Rodgers decides to come and say hello she’ll drop the other guy.

The Farm Team Stepped Up

This Falcons fan thought they could walk over the Patriot’s unofficial farm team, the Bills, but it just wasn’t his day. The Bills went on to win that game and show the Falcons fans exactly why the Patriots come raiding their roster so often.

The Face Says Everything

This Browns fan is so sick of his team’s misfortunes on the field he could no longer hide his disappointment. The sign lets the players know they aren’t good enough, but his face shows the board that what they’ve done isn’t good enough either.

Truly Dedicated

Football fans in cold climates need to develop thick skins otherwise they’re never going to get the chance to watch their team play. These fans have gone out and braved the cold but have had to pay a heavy price, the feeling in their faces!

She’s Got A Point

This is a visual representation of what this woman is hoping her team will do to the opposition! The next step is to pluck it, cook it, and throw it into a pie. That way the Cardinals will never come back to Pittsburgh again!

Defenders Need Love Too

Defensemen need love too, and this young fan knows how important Charles Woodson is. There isn’t a blade of grass he leaves uncovered, and his efforts to protect his team are appreciated greatly.

Cold Hard Facts

There’s no humor here, or support, it’s just a cold hard fact from a very fed up fan. Just once they want their team to perform well on the field, but time after they have let their fans down.

Divine Intervention

Who are the players to argue with advice coming directly from above? This guy has come to the game dressed as Jesus and is giving out advice straight from his ‘father.’

The Devil Is In The Detail

Putting Brady down once wasn’t enough for her, and she has come up with five original ideas to make fun of the Patriots quarterback. Brady must be used to the cheater signs at every arena after returning from suspension.

Domesticating The Panthers

When these fans came to the arena they intended on making the Panthers look foolish in the hopes it would throw the team off. They messed with the iconic logo and switched out the fearsome panther for the internet meme known as Grumpy Cat.

Who Needs College?

This kid is so fed up watching his quarterback mess up the plays he’s offering up his services. He’s willing to risk his future by missing out on college to throw the pigskin for his team.


The Chiefs were clearly struggling, and Broncos fans decided to twist the knife on what was undoubtedly a sore issue for the Kansas supporters.

At Least They’re Consistent

Eagles fans had long suffered thanks to their team, and for over 80 years they failed to win a Super Bowl. All that changed when they finally secured the Vince Lombardi trophy in 2018, but Eagles fans did plenty of suffering before that moment.

South Park Humor

These fans are combining their two favorite loves, football and South Park. They just want Seahawks fans and players to remember one of the most memorable plays in their franchise’s history.

Recycling Is Important

Look, just because this guy took a homemade sign to the game last year doesn’t mean he can’t take it again. Signs are not like dresses, and people can see you with the same one twice.

So Bad It’s Time To Switch

This fan came into the game expecting their team to be as bad as ever. They probably expected the new refs to be just as bad as the old ones, not that anyone ever supports the refs, so they switched allegiances.

Owning it

The Lions made NFL history by registering a no victory season, and now fans are using that as a badge of honor. Sure at the time it was embarrassing, but now their team are in the record books.

No Holding Back

This fan can no longer contain his disdain for Las Vegas, and he’s letting the world know exactly how he feels about it.

The Way To A Man’s Heart

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and this fan is trying to get to JJ Watt’s. It could have been the start of something special, as long as his coach allowed him to break his diet!

Stick With It!

This fan has a message for all of the new supporters his team has gained since 1992. He promises they used to be good, and we all know in sport there is a chance that once again they be champions, even if they suck now!

Why Isn’t Football A Summer Sport?

After happily getting her season ticket in the summer, when winter arrives it really doesn’t feel like a good idea to stand in the freezing cold anymore.

He’s Got Enough

Tom Brady has more Super Bowl rings than most, so why doesn’t he share them with fans? At this point, they are not as meaningful to him as he would be walking around with a whole lot of bling on his hands.

No Presents For The Eagles

If you want something special from Santa you have to be good, so Eagles fans were not expecting any gifts thanks to their team’s bad play.

Results Are Important

This fan is sick of his team underperforming on the field and it’s time for the general manager to step aside to give someone else the responsibility.

Toughen Up!

Minnesota Vikings fans are used to the cold weather, they’re so used to it that it no longer feels cold, it’s just normal. Sure they have to turn up to the games in ski masks and winter clothing, but that’s just the way it is.

Sorry You Missed It Dad

Fathers love taking their sons to the big game, but sometimes dads miss out. This mom wanted to bring her son to the game herself, which meant dad was left at home.

Cheaters Never Prosper

Tom Brady came in for some criticism after it was revealed he had been using deflated balls to gain an unfair advantage. These fans were only too happy to call him and his team out on it as they went back into the tunnel.

The Truth Hurts

This woman is calling out Jameis Winston over shoplifting allegations. She wants her team to shut down his plays just like the grocery store did when they caught him with the crabs.

It’s All About Faith

Sometimes as a supporter, it’s all about faith and believing you can win. At least this young fan has belief, unlike the supporters around him who gave up years ago.

Get On The Weights Tom!

The best thing about football fans is that they aren’t afraid to make fun of the players, which makes for some of the funniest signs. These fans have a picture of Tom Brady sulking and have made sure it looks like he’s throwing a tantrum over the weight of the footballs.

You Know What They Say

Most people use cardboard or a bed sheet to make a sign, but in Texas they do things a little differently. Everything is bigger in Texas apparently, so that means even their towels are giant.

Christmas Almost Complete

Santa has done most of his job, but there is just one thing this fan is hoping for, a Bills win. Luckily for him, Santa is standing right there, so if he asks nicely he might just get his one last Christmas wish.

Losing Is A Kind Of Winning

It’s known as ‘tanking,’ and it means your team has the best chance of getting the first pick in the draft. These fans had seen many losses that season so were cheering a loss as it meant next season they might have a better good team.


If you’re a passionate football fan, then you’ll know it comes with sacrifice. Some things are important but more important than football? Unlikely! At least football will always be there for him, until the offseason.

Fans Only Mock Good Players

Brady is one of the best ever, and so there is lots of attention to everything he does. Trying to unsettle one of the best has become a sport in itself for many NFL fans.

Brett At It Again?

Brett Favre was busted for sending inappropriate text messages during his playing career. These fans are proving a distraction for Favre by accusing him of doing the same again to them.

Cheesehead For Life!

It doesn’t matter that these Green Bay Packers fans were just married, there was no way they were going to miss out on watching their hero Aaron Rodgers performing.

It Just Might Work!

For Jimmy Garoppolo, two of his biggest fans are in the arena and are hoping he casts a glance their way. Now all they need is him to score the winning touchdown, present them with the game ball, and plant a big celebratory kiss on their cheeks!

Is Zack Morris In The House?

This fan had already made his sign so instead of creating a new one made a change that wouldn’t go unnoticed. Now if Bell didn’t return to the lineup, this fan could still take his sign to the game without painting a new one!