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25 Amazingly Cool Gadgets You Need




Our team has put together an exclusive list of the 25 amazingly cool gadgets on the market. You can add them to your own wishlist or even buy them as gifts for your loved ones! Please click the links in the article to learn more about each product and to purchase them today.

1. HD Wireless Digital Microscope with 1000x Zoom

Check out the wonders of the microscopic world with this fun Wi-Fi microscope, capable of up to 1,000x magnification. Great for kids interested in STEM, students, or collectors, this device is useful for examining coins, stamps, electronics, jewelry, or whatever else you want to take a closer look at! The companion app allows you to stream live footage to your phone to share in the fun.

2. RetroMini with 900 Games

Keep a massive game library in your back pocket with the RetroMini! This tiny handheld console comes pre-loaded with 900 games from Gameboy Advance, Gameboy, and NES ROMS systems so there will never be a dull moment while you’re on the move.

3. KeySmart Pro With Tile Smart Location

Let’s play some word association. When we say ‘keys,’ you say… What? ‘Lost’? You wouldn’t be alone. Which is precisely why KeySmart has enhanced the world’s simplest key organizer by integrating with Tile™ Smart Location. Organizing and keeping track of your keys has never been easier! Keep all your keys in a simple sleeve, and locate them anywhere using the Tile™ app. There is a better way to keep track of your keys, and this is it.

4. POWERUP 3.0 Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane Kit

The classic paper airplane has entered the 21st century in the form of the POWERUP 3.0. This Bluetooth-enabled kit transforms ordinary paper planes into motorized flying machines that you can control from your smartphone. Just fold a small paper plan, attach the module, and fly around your backyard with remarkable pinpoint accuracy. The kit even comes with instructions on how to build different types of planes for both beginner and more advanced pilots.

5. Flyington Selfie Drone

Don’t let this drone’s compact size fool you. Made to flip, roll, and slice through the air, the Flyington Selfie Drone is jam-packed with features that put it well above bigger flyers. Remotely controlled via the companion app, the Flyington Selfie Drone can take real-time photos and videos with a bird’s eye view. Real-time camera transmission and phone-tilt controls make the Flyington a blast to fly, and its user-friendly interface ensures even the greenest pilots can get airborne right away.


6. BACtrack Personal Breathalyzer

Stay smart when you’re out on the town! Powered by BACtrack’s proprietary BluFire® fuel cell sensor technology, the C6 is the smallest police-grade alcohol tester ever created. It fits comfortably on your keychain and works with a revolutionary Dual-Mode setup. Choose to either deliver your BAC results directly to the built-in OLED screen or to the accompanying smartphone for some extra discretion. Using the app, you can quickly and easily estimate your BAC, track your results over time, and estimate when your BAC will return to 0.00%, ensuring you stay safe.

7. TREBLAB X11 Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones

Small, discreet, but supremely powerful, TREBLAB’s X11 earbuds exemplify the pinnacle of truly wireless tech. Whether you’re running, working out, doing chores, or just going about your commute, these buds have your soundtrack covered with elite Bluetooth audio. Packed with advanced features like passive noise cancellation and a built-in mic, the X11’s will be your everyday listening solution.

8. 3-Port Charger with Wireless Charger & Power Bank

These days, we carry around more devices than we can possibly keep charged — and who wants to carry around loads of chargers on top of that?! That’s why this all-in-one charger was created: so you can carry one compact gadget and keep all your devices at full power. It features two high-speed USB ports plus one USB-C port. On top of that, you can use it to wirelessly charge any Qi-compatible device — and carry even fewer things! When you’re out-and-about and without an AC outlet in sight, this baby even works as a portable charger so you’re never left powerless on-the-go.

9. CHOETECH 19W Solar Charger

When you’re out on the trail or out for the day, you never know when your devices might need a quick boost. That’s what makes this solar charger from Choetech so useful. Lightweight, portable, and engineered with weather-resistant, durable materials, this charger converts energy from the sun with high efficiency to power up any of your USB-compatible devices. It’s ideal for hiking, camping, or just ensuring you have a charge on a long commute. CHOETECH is one of the top providers of chargers and consumer electronics, offering strict quality control and supreme quality since 2013.

10. Fret Zealot

Want to learn guitar? Fret Zealot is the state-of-the-art gateway to learning virtually any song. This LED addition fits just above the frets and shows you exactly where to put your fingers to play just about anything. Fret Zealot puts you in control of your musical experience, letting you bypass expensive lessons and focus on the songs you want to hear. Even if you’re a more advanced player, Fret Zealot allows you to add new songs to your repertoire with ease.


11. Viper 1000-Lumen Tactical Flashlights: 2-Pack

With a 1000-lumen output and indestructible design, it’s no wonder why military professionals count on tools like the Viper flashlight to light their way through hostile environments. These tactical torches boast an adjustable zoom that allows you to switch between a wider flood light and precision beam, while their five different lighting modes let you fine-tune their brightness and even signal for help in a rescue scenario.


12. GO2SLEEP: AI-Powered Device For Restful Sleep

The GO2SLEEP device is a revolutionary way to monitor and improve your sleep quality. The lightweight device connects easily to your finger so you’ll barely know it’s there — but it maintains almost the same accuracy of a pulse oximeter while delivering more information. The precise data gathered while you snooze helps generate a comprehensive sleep report, just for you. Based on that data, the smart app develops personal tips and recommendations for you on how to improve your sleep quality. You can even sync with the smart app to conveniently keep an eye on the sleep quality of yourself and your family. Don’t just mask your sleep problems with easy fixes, fight them head-on with this complete assessment.


13. Rigiet Smartphone Gimbal

Get beautifully stable shots on the first try with the Rigiet Smartphone Gimbal. This innovative gimbal automatically detects and adjusts to the position that you want to film in, easily switching from portrait to landscape and even underslung modes. Using the intuitive built-in control panel, you can quickly zoom and switch between photo/video modes and front/rear camera perspectives. Plus, if you want to take your filming further, you can connect your device to the Rigiet app and tap into features for auto tracking, livestreaming, panorama shots, and more.

14. All Mighty WiFi Camera Tank

Channel your inner secret agent with this covert camera tank! Capable of capturing live video and photos, the All Mighty WiFi Camera Tank lets you carry out top-secret surveillance missions straight from your smartphone or tablet. Using the companion app, you can control the All Mighty tank from over 100 feet away, steering it around obstacles and corners and beaming footage directly to your device.


15. iPM Baseball Cap & HD IP Camera

It’s a cap; it’s a camera. It’s both! Tucked inside this cap is a compact IP camera capable of capturing HD photo and video. The cap supports remote PC recording via WiFi, as well as local recording to a microSD card. You can set it for motion detection, manual, or scheduled recording, and even operate it remotely via the companion mobile app. Stick it on your desk to discreetly keep tabs on your valuables or wear it throughout the day and record your adventures.


16. CrowPi Raspberry Pi Accessory Kit

Immerse yourself in the inventive world of Raspberry Pi with a kit you can take anywhere! Containing a motor, receiver, buttons, and more DIY components, CrowPi makes it easy to dabble in Raspberry Pi and get your feet wet with programming and electronics. Connect your Raspberry Pi, and you can get started with tutorials and components for building a range of different projects. Plus, with the built-in touchscreen and camera, you can even use your kit as a full-on mini computer for enhanced functionality.


17. Bluetooth Home Theater Sound Bar

As manufacturers race to make slimmer TVs, the speakers inside also shrink, which explains why your new flatscreen can’t quite capture the auditory “oomph” behind an explosion or car chase. This Bluetooth Home Theater Sound Bar brings that immersive sound back with dual speakers that deliver crisp, Bluetooth 4.0 sound, solid bass, and zero distortion.


18. 360fly HD Video Camera

The camera that started a recording revolution, the 360fly empowers you to capture fully immersive 360º video, VR-compatible footage, and 360º stills on the go. Using the mobile and desktop apps, you can use your smartphone and home computer to capture, edit, add effects to, and share your content online. Plus, the 360fly is dustproof, shockproof, and water resistant, making it a solid pick for capturing even your most high-octane of adventures.


19. SmartFit PAL Trainer Watch

Part fitness tracker, part training companion, the SmartFit PAL Trainer Watch makes it easy to stay on top of your goals. Pairing with its smartphone app, this watch shows you your exercises and monitors your progress as you go, whether you’re into cycling, yoga, or running. Its IP67 water resistance rating makes it great for swimmers, and the watch even comes with extra smart features, like a remote shutter, alarm reminders, and GPS route tracking.

20. AAXA Technologies P2-A Smart Pico Projector

A miniaturization marvel, the Smart Pico Projector packs an entire projection system inside a two-inch cube. This pocket-sized powerhouse runs on a quad-core CPU and Android 5.1 Lollipop, letting you stream HD videos, pictures and music on the go. The Pico’s 130 Lumen optical engine projects content on a massive 100-inch display in low-light conditions. And, with a myriad of ports and inputs built in, it’s easy to bring your favorite music, videos, or binge-watching obsessions to any occasion.

21. Whiteshark Mix Underwater Scooter

Perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and diving, the Whiteshark Mix lets you glide through the water in a fun and exhilarating way. The scooter’s dual propellors create 8.8lbf of thrust each, allowing you to navigate at speeds up to 3.35mph. Its lightweight and integrated design makes the Whiteshark a breeze to carry and operate; and you can stick your own action cam on the built-in mount to record your aquatic adventures as you reach depths up to 131 feet!

22. Sinji WiFi Doorbell Camera

Skip the complex wires and installation required by typical security systems and secure your home in minutes with this innovative doorbell. The Sinji WiFi Doorbell Camera easily sticks onto your entry-way (just like double-sided tape) and takes a snapshot each time a visitor ring its bell. From there, the photo is transmitted to the indoor receiver and then to your smartphone or tablet via WiFi. You can scroll through photos via an IP camera app and even keep tabs in the dark thanks to night vision support.

23. Fireside Audiobox Bluetooth Speaker

Pairing your favorite songs with real, dancing flames, the Fireside Audiobox is a fiery Bluetooth speaker that’s sure to ignite a conversation. It’s engineered with a rechargeable battery and self-contained propane fuel canister, allowing you to add a musical spark to any setting and amaze guests with flames that react to your music. The speaker features a heat-resistant, tempered glass shield as well as an anti-tip-over safety device and leak detection sensor, so you can enjoy that fiery playlist with complete peace of mind.

24. Ilumi LED Smartstrip Starter Kit

Is your home feeling a little dim? Check out the ilumi Smartstrip, the world’s first outdoor rated, individually addressable smart LED strip. This feature-rich LED strip gives you a flexible, versatile, dynamic light source that’s both fun and totally practical. Controllable via app, this awesome strip can enhance your mood, transform your space, and brighten your daily routine.

25. TinyTesla Musical Tesla Coil Kit

TinyTesla is an SSTC mini musical Tesla coil with USB connectivity, perfect for newcomers to the hobby and seasoned experts alike. Ideal for budding coilers or students looking for an eye-catching science fair project, this kit comes with all the electronic and hardware components you need to build your very own singing Tesla coil. Just plug into a laptop and start listening!

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