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Ferrari Debuts The 488 Pista



Source:Motor EL
This week was one for the ages at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland. Everything from Aston Martin debuting a full track weapon Aston Martin Valkyrie that is a partnership with Formula 1 racing team Red Bull Racing to McLaren showing their strength in the hypercar world with their own full track weaper McLaren Senna GTR Concept.
It was Ferrari’s turn at the show to wow the crowd. The Italian auto maker took the red cover off the most powerful v8 Ferrari has every built for road cars ever. The 488 Pista was released to the public a few weeks ago through rendered photos from Ferrari but this is the first public view of the bright red Ferrari.
For the 488 Pista Ferrari turns the horsepower up to 711 horsepower and 568 lb-ft of gut wrenching torque. These numbers put the Pista at the top of the list for the most powerful Ferrari V8 in their history. Yes there is the LaFerrari and a few others but do not belong to the V8 category with a V12 engine and a hybrid system.
What is Pista? Pista in Italian mean “track”. This will be the track version of the 488, the engineers over in Maranello shed some weight close to 200 lbs out of the standard 488 using more carbon fiber throughout the car starting with the hood, bumpers, and rear spoiler.
Source:Motor EL