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Jon Olsson Skiing Legend Builds An Ultimate Lambo



If you have not heard or don’t recognize the name Jon Olsson, you need to check him out and what he is doing in the automotive industry the last couple years. Olsson is a frequent Gumball 3000 participant and normally each year debuts a crazy custom build for the rally.
Olsson recently started posting photos of a brand new Huracan he acquired a few weeks ago and he instantly ripped it apart like any gearhead would that is insane like Jon.
“Personally I think this will be the best build to date. I think we will be able to go completely crazy but still keep the amazing drivability of the standard car, that’s my goal with this one, I really want to be able to drive a mad machine every single day!”
Check out Jon Olsson’s Blog for more details about the build
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Olsson’s Blog shows his epic builds from the years but here are a few shots of some of his more epic builds