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Ferrari and Vettel To Split Ways At End Of 2020



Scuderia Ferrari MissionWinnow has announced this morning that Sebastian Vettel and the Italian Formula 1 team will be parting ways at the end of the 2020 Season that hasn’t even started due to the current world situation.
A press release was sent out that notes the decision was made “jointly” between both parties to end their partnership. Vettel says, “In order to get the best possible results in this sport, it’s vital for all parties to work in perfect harmony. The team and I have realized that there is no longer a common desire to stay together beyond the end of this season.”
A seat a Ferrari is opening up amid a world pandemic and a season that has not officially kicked off. Who will take the seat? The internet will go crazy and feed into this one for a long time coming until an official announcement. With Fernando Alonso never ruling out a Formula 1 return and Ferrari would be the only competitive to take the fight to Mercedes.
There are also much chatter over Daniel Ricciardo (Renault) and Carlos Sainz (McLaren) as potential replacements at the Italian team