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[F1] Formula 1 2018 Test Day Footage – Pure Sound



Source:Sky Sports
Most of this year’s Formula 1 cars have made their rounds about the internet this weekend and you have seen some underwhelming liveries and some new ones that are quite classic in nature like the Alfa Romeo livery on the Sauber. Today, started the first test session for the 2018 field, the engines are the same with the V6 turbo engine strapped to the back but a little bit of a different exhaust note this season. There are no new teams added to the grid, but we do have a few knew partnerships.
Source:Sky Sports
The main partnership that everyone will be watching is the McLaren / Renault partnership. McLaren dropped the Honda engine at the end of the 2017 season after 3 horrific seasons with the Japanese manufacturer. Renault has stepped up to the challenge with the British team in hopes of bringing the team in their papaya orange historic livery back to the front of the grid with their proven power unit that has led Red Bull to victory.
McLaren within the first few laps had a right rear failure that looks to be a suspension failure that sent McLaren driver Fernanado Alonso spinning off the track and into the gravel with severe damage to that corner of the car.
Source:Sky Sports
There is a video below of the on track action from Barcelona where the teams are testing their new bits out on the Circuit de Catalunya.
Source:Sky Sports